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When They Told this Grandma How Much her Antique Cards are Worth, Her Jaw Nearly Dropped!





We already heard a lot of stories about finding treasures from junks, garage, and old materials. Usually, these stories are about people who bought something cheap from a garage sale but turned out to be of high monetary value. Or a man who was cleaning his attic after how many years and found something very valuable. For most of us, these kind of stories are no longer new. But lucky for those who are fond of collecting some ordinary items, for sure they have more chances of preserving something that will soon turn out to be of great price. How I wish my great grandfather became a collector of stamps or basketball cards. I could surely sell them today for a lot of money.

Just like the old lady in this video whose great, great grandmother had managed to collect some items as memorabilia of her life and friends. Way back a hundred years ago, her great grandmother had a boarding house where some of the very first paid baseball players during that time had stayed there. Luckily, her great grandmother had collected some items like baseball cards and letters from the players as souvenirs and remembrance. She had managed to preserve these items and handed them down to the family with utmost care.

Presently, all of these items are in good shape and have been validated as authentic. I believe she is the only person who has this kind of collection in the world. And what really makes it very valuable is not the material used but the symbolic value it will bring to the history of baseball.

The old lady has no intention of selling them but when she heard about the current appraised value of her family collection, she was really shocked and speechless!

Watch her priceless reaction!

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I guess she is now having second thoughts if she still wants to keep them after hearing how valuable they are and there are fanatic collectors who are really willing to buy them more than the appraised value. What would you do if you happen to have inherited a similar collection? Would you keep them or take the money?

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