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Being Bald Is Way Better, According To Studies





Got a problem with thinning hair? Well, you might want to shave your head instead after reading this article. According to a recent scientific research, being bald is so much better because of its many perks.

Albert E. Mannes conducted three studies which led to a conclusion that many people perceive bald men tend to be more successful.

The research involved 59 participants and they were shown photos of men – first with heads full of hair and second, with their hair digitally removed.

Study results indicated that people perceived bald men to be stronger and more dominant.

Mannes’ research, entitled “Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance”, tells us this:

“In Study 1, men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair. In Study 2, men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves. Study 3 extends these results with nonphotographic stimuli and demonstrates how men experiencing natural hair loss may improve their interpersonal standing by shaving.”

Dominance, according to Mannes, is a strong indicator of how people perceive success.

Interestingly, the bald look also gave the men “an extra inch in perceived height.”

There is, however, a catch in all these.

The study likewise suggested that having bald patches, or heads that are not totally bald, were perceived by the participants as both less attractive and weaker.

In case you are interested to read the rest of the research, you can check it out here.

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