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Dying Aunt Tells Nephew About A $30 Million Secret Located ‘Under The Sewing Machine’

His aunt told him not to forget to look under the sewing machine.


Carl Sabatino has always noticed a painting in his aunt’s home when he was a child. He used to call the artwork “the woman in the fuzzy hat” and later on his aunt would give it to him before she died. Now, Sabatino learned that the painting could cost about $30 million.

Before Sabatino’s aunt, Jenny Verastro, passed away, she shared her secret with him. She told her nephew to “look under the sewing machine.” Sabatino did as told and found a 1950s artwork wrapped in newspaper.

Carl didn’t give much thought to the painting that he’d seen all his life as a kid, but what caught his attention was the signature located in the upper left corner of the painted canvas.

Carl Sabatino received a final gift from his late aunt.

Source: NyDailyNews
His aunt, Jenny Verastro, has hidden a painting under the sewing machine.

Carl thought the painting was just nothing until he saw Picasso's signature on it.

The painting was purchased in London during World War II by Carl’s uncle. At that time, the street vendor sold it for about $30. Now, Sabatino has a reason to believe that the painting was one of Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces, a recreation of “Woman With A Cape,” which is now housed in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

An art expert almost didn’t believe Sabatino’s claims, but he argued that the artwork is the real deal. Sabatino believes that Picasso may have duplicated the painting so he could put his new experimental painting technique to the test. Sabatino also took the piece to an appraisal who believes that it is a legit Picasso painting.

Sabatino's painting is believed to be a recreation of this masterpiece found in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Source: clevelandart

Another expert had extracted some pigment from the painting and it somehow matched materials used in Europe sometime in the 1930s. But it gets more interesting when it was discovered that the painting had a partial thumbprint embedded on it. Could it be Picasso’s?

If verified, the painting could be valued at $30 million.

Watch the video below to know more about the story.

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