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16 of the Most Ridiculous Anti-Lockdown Protest Signs We’ve Seen So Far





The coronavirus pandemic has definitely exposed the best and worst side of human beings. On one hand, we see heroic frontliners and citizens doing their best to serve others, sacrificing their time, skills, talents, and resources to help out those in need as we face this difficult crisis. These people definitely deserve our applause and respect.

Meanwhile, there are those who have done nothing but think of themselves: the corrupt politicians, the toilet paper hoarders, and yes, the ridiculous people you will see below.

As recent reports have shown us, protesters – some of whom are vocal supporters of President Donald Trump -have been holding rallies in different parts of the United States, calling the government’s lockdown measures as “oppression” and even branding social distancing as “communism.”

Such ridiculous gatherings have been held in California, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. An Olympia, Washington anto-lockdown rally also saw more than 2,000 people gathering right outside the state capitol.

Check out some of the most stupid signs photographed during these events:





Obviously, these protests bring great danger to the community, especially since health experts have repeatedly warned about the importance of observing social distancing and of wearing masks when in public as a protection against COVID-19. And yet, both orders have been repeatedly defied by the protesters.

Meanwhile, experts fear an increase of new cases in the near future, following these rallies.

According to Harvard epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding:

“I predict a new epidemic surge (incubation time ~5-7 days before onset symptoms, if any, and transmission to associates around that time, even among asymptomatics)… so increase in 2-4 weeks from now.”

As of April 23, the United States remains to be the worst-hit country across the world with confirmed 848,994 cases of coronavirus and a total death toll of 47,676. There have also been 84,050 recoveries reported.

Globally, we now have 2,637,681 reported COVID-19 infections, 184,220 deaths, and 717,759 recovered patients.

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