Amazing Russian Guy Carves Godzilla Into A Tiny Grain Of Rice

So is it Godzi-rice or Rice-zilla?

  • A short video showing Russian jeweler Mikhail Myagkkov has gone viral online.
  • In the clip, the artist can be seen carving a small Godzilla figure using a grain of rice.
  • Netizens couldn’t help but admire Mikhail’s attention to detail, along with his patience, in finishing the tiny masterpiece.

Godzilla is undeniably one of the most iconic fictional monsters we have around. Originally created by Tomoyuki Tanaka, the character made its big screen debut in 1954 in a movie entitled Godzilla. Fast forward to the present, the ‘King of Monsters’ remains popular with the release of Godzilla vs Kong just last March 2021.

Now a video recently went viral on social media showing how a talented man from Russia managed to create a miniature Godzilla figure using a single piece of rice superglued to a toothpick. I know that sounds pretty unbelievable but, as they always say – you gotta see it to believe it.

So is it Godzi-rice or Rice-zilla?

According to reports, the amazing guy’s name is Mikhail Myagkkov, who is a jeweler by profession. Apparently, he worked on his tiny masterpiece for three days with the help of a microscope and several tools.

It’s a short clip but we’ll be honest: the process is truly satisfying to watch.

Initially posted on the SubReddit nextf***inglevel by #alexander_the_dead, the unique piece of art has since made rounds on social media, gaining numerous comments from impressed netizens.

On the original thread, someone wrote:

“Imagine going through a bag of rice, doing every single grain like that, cutting off the super glue parts and cooking it into a meal. The amount of effort but my god I’d love to see it.”

Another praised the artist from Noginsk, Russia and said:

“You’re a man of focus, commitment and sheer f***ing will.”

Watch the video here to see for yourself:

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