Some Chinese Wives Are Allegedly Feeding Their Cheating Husbands With Impotency Drugs

"Don’t blame me. I did it for the family and will continue to use it on him," one wife said.

  • A viral post on Chinese social media claims that some mainland wives are secretly drugging their cheating husbands with diethylstilbestrol.
  • The said medication reportedly makes erection impossible within 15 days after initially taking it.
  • Apparently, a shop sold the product to more than 100 customers in one month.
  • Legal experts are now warning wives who practice this and unauthorized sellers of the drug, saying they could face legal consequences.

A viral social media post from China claims that some wives are secretly feeding their unfaithful husbands with drugs that cause impotency in an attempt to stop them from cheating.

According to a WeChat article, Chinese women have been buying the medicine from online sellers and are mixing it into their husbands’ food or drinks. The said drug is an odorless white powder called diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic, nonsteroidal estrogen that can prevent erection.

Some wives claim they achieved “good results.”

As one wife said:

“The medicine took effect just two weeks after I started feeding it to my husband. Now he basically stays at home, behaving himself well.”

Another shared:

“My husband suffered sexual dysfunction after using it and asked himself ‘why?’. Don’t blame me. I did it for the family and will continue to use it on him.”

One shop reportedly sold the drug to more than 100 customers in a month.

A seller even said that the medicine takes effect after 15 days and the man may again achieve erection after 21 days of not taking it.

The product has reportedly been removed from online shops after the article made rounds on social media. However, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald tells us that some stores are still secretly selling the drug to buyers online.

Now legal experts are warning both the wives and the online shops that they could face consequences if they have been proven guilty of using or illegally selling the drug.

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