Woman Teaches Her Puppies To Pray Before Eating Their Meal

You gotta admire the dogs’ patience.

  • A viral video from India has touched netizens’ hearts after it showed a woman teaching her puppies to pray before eating their meal.
  • Twitter user Vaishali Mathur shared the video on her account, mentioning that the woman in the clip is her friend.
  • Netizens expressed admiration for the pups’ patience as they waited for the woman’s prayer to end before they began consuming their food.

An adorable viral video from India has recently captivated netizens everywhere. The short clip showed a woman teaching her two golden Labrador puppies to pray before their meal.

Originally posted on Twitter by Vaishali Mathur last May 1, the video was captioned “Sharing this heart-warming video of my friend teaching her pups to say their prayers before food. Me thinks both are good boys.”

You gotta admire the dogs’ patience.

We see the pooches silently waiting for the woman to finish the prayer. Eventually, the two head straight to their metal bowls to eat their food.

Netizens couldn’t help but be amazed.

The video attracted a lot of attention online, with many admiring the dogs’ discipline.

As Twitter user @ChetnaWathoo wrote:

“Absolutely amazing. My dogs follow my fingers lol but they don’t have this amazing control. Great job!”

Another netizen @Marieemmagan likewise commented:

“I think it’s cute , and her prayer sounds beautiful.”

Meanwhile, there were also others who didn’t appear dazzled, pointing out that the dogs didn’t understand anything from the prayer anyway and were simply waiting for her gesture. As a response, other netizens took it upon themselves to defend the woman and her beloved pets.

Case in point, @shrinivasaraob said:

“This not about prayers, definitely they will not understand but it is more about discipline. These animals have more discipline than humans. Hope people start learning few things from these puppies. We roam without mask even when told not to.”

Check out the viral video here:

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