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Woman Explains Why She Won’t Let People Sit On Her Bed In Their Outside Clothes

This is very interesting.

Just because you took a shower and you don’t smell doesn’t mean what you have been wearing the whole day is still clean. You’ve probably been on public transport, had lunch in a cafeteria, met some friends in a bar, and took a taxi back home. In the process, you’ve handled dollar bills and coins, passed by some smokers, and don’t forget your sweat.

Susan Shain has written a viral essay about why she refuses to let people sit on her bed in their outside clothes. While that sounded snobbish or too strict at first, her eye-opening reasons might make you agree with her.

Susan wrote that she is “always surprised” when her guests give her a confused look when she asks them to remove their street clothes before she allows them in her bed.

She usually tells them:

“Just think about where your clothes have been: on a subway seat, a city bench, a bar stool. Now think about who else has been on those seats, benches, and stools. Would you invite them into your bed? I didn’t think so. Well, then what makes their sweat or cooties or bodily particles any different?”

Having good hygiene is very important. It’s not just about being clean, but also for your overall health. In fact, your social life depends on it too.

Susan perfectly explains that the last thing you want on your bed is a million germs.

She further shared that she considers her bed as a “sanctuary.”

“I want to cuddle up in my sheets knowing they only contain the germs of me and the people I’ve invited into it,” she added. That way, she feels safer.

Susan concluded her lengthy essay saying that men “who come home” with her generally do not complain about her rules at all.

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