Man Who Gained 1.3-M Tiktok Followers Overnight Reveals He’s Actually Homeless

"I honestly couldn't believe how fast that account blew up — I still can't believe it," he admitted.

  • Oneya Johnson, 22, from Lafayette, Indiana, has created his own brand on TikTok with his “angry reactions”.
  • His first video had gotten so much attention that he gained 1.3 million followers in one night.
  • Since he started on TikTok in late August, he has gained 4 million followers for his scary yet comforting reaction videos.
  • Surprisingly, Oneya and his ex girlfriend Jillian revealed that the TikTok star is actually homeless.
  • Jillian said they were evicted from their place in Michigan because of the neighbors complaining about their fights and Oneya’s “big” voice.

Oneya Johnson, a 22-year-old TikTok user from Lafayette, Indiana has been making a name on the platform, of gaining millions of followers while filming in his car. 

Oneya gained a record 1.3 million followers overnight after posting a video where he angrily reacted to other people’s content. The TikTok account (@angryreactions) was created in late August started as a running joke but is a pseudo-social media personality based on his own. 

“I honestly couldn’t believe how fast that account blew up — I still can’t believe it,” he admitted. 

Oneya Johnson’s angry reaction to @bobbysrey’s cake-making video gained him 1.3 million followers overnight.

#duet with @bobbysrey that cake is beautiful. #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – bobbysrey

His first video featured a cake-making video made by user @bobbysrey while asking people not to be so vicious in criticizing her techniques. In his version, Oneya filmed himself reacting to some of @bobbysrey’s statements and angrily screaming, “Who’s being mean to you?” and “That cake looks good!”

The video has been viewed over 42 million times and was heavily promoted by TikTok on people’s For You page.

The viewers found Johnson’s videos hilarious, interesting, and scary – but strangely satisfying at the same time.

Oneya also posted other “angry reaction” videos. All of them show him reacting angrily, but with a lot of grateful and positive words. According to Jillian, his ex-girlfriend, the videos show who he is – a positive person with a big voice and who always looks angry.

Oneya shared in a recent interview that he is currently homeless, and has been filming in his car and other people’s homes. His ex also said that they were evicted by their landlord in Michigan after the neighbors repeatedly complained about their shouting matches. It was because Oneya is big and his voice is louder than hers that the neighbors could only hear him during their fights. In fact, despite the numerous complaints, they are on good terms. Jillian also moved to Lafayette and “came to a common ground” with Oneya and their two children.

“I’m very proud of him,” she said. “When I saw the first video I was dying laughing, and I said to him, ‘This suits you so perfectly.'”

Less than a month after Oneya’s first angry reaction video was posted, his TikTok account has 66 videos, 4.1 million followers, and 49 million likes.

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