TikToker Shares How She Tricked Invaders Who Tried Opening The Hotel Door While She Was Alone

Someone tried to open the door from the outside. Fortunately, she remembered her dad's tip!

  • Canadian TikToker Josie Bowers recently shared how she managed to avoid tragedy after someone tried opening her hotel door while she was alone.
  • According to Josie, they claimed to be hotel staff who had to fix the door.
  • Fortunately, she remembered a tip from her police officer stepdad – and it ended up saving her.

Josie Bowers recently uploaded a series of videos on TikTok which later gained millions of views on the platform. According to the Canadian woman, a tip from her stepdad – who works as a cop – has helped save her life.

According to Josie, she managed to escape an invasion in their hotel room as she was on a vacation with her family. While she was alone in the room, a man from the outside used a contraption device in an attempt to open the door.

She was merely 15 at the time and described the moment as the “scariest experience” of her life.

Now 19, Josie shared that they were staying at the Hilton Ocean City in Maryland. She was all by herself to shower as her family enjoyed the beach together.

So when the door started to open, she immediately closed it and used the deadbot lock. The man later claimed he was sent there to fix a door defect.

Josie reflected:

“So they tell me your keycard is broken and we need to get into the room and fix your keypad for you. And so I open the door a tad bit, to see if it was a worker. It clearly wasn’t, they were in jeans and a T-shirt.”

She continued:

“So I think I’m very smart for this one, my stepdad is a police officer, he taught me never to let people know you’re alone. I yelled ‘Hey dad, there’s someone here to fix the door.’ As soon as they thought that I wasn’t alone – and potentially my dad was there – they ran, they were gone.”

You can watch the 4-part video series here:
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