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10 Unmistakable Signs That You’re In Love With The Right Person

You're definitely in love if you're feeling these 10 things!

“Love” may be a short, four-letter word but it takes many definitions. According to Virgil, “love conquers all.” Meanwhile, The Beatles tells us that “All You Need is Love.” On the other hand, there’s St. Thomas Aquinas who described love as “to will the good of another”.

Furthermore, biologist Jeremy Griffith defines it as “unconditional selflessness”. And then who could forget popular singer Frank Sinatra, who sang that love “is a many splendored thing” It is, he adds, “the April rose that only grows in the early Spring.”

These definitions may initially seem cheesy but if you’ve felt the feeling, then you know that love is indeed a strong, mysterious emotion that makes you happy and inspires you to be a better person.

Now the question is often asked: How does an individual know if he or she has fallen in love with the right person? Well there are 10 unmistakable signs that will answer that for you.

1. You always worry about your significant other.

Believe it or not, it’s actually normal to feel anxious when your partner is away or perhaps while he or she is doing something important. It’s not about being paranoid or about a lack of trust – it’s more about being concerned about his or her safety and well-being.

2. You won’t hesitate to show affection.

You may not be the touchy type but if it’s true love you’re feeling, you will not feel awkward about publicly holding hands and hugging – or maybe even occasionally kissing. You do not feel embarrassed about expressing your affection because you love the person.

3. Your partner’s presence makes you feel at ease.

Having a bad day? That would immediately change once your loved one is with you. His or her mere presence sends you to a good mood.

4. You’re also in pain whenever he or she is hurt.

You are affected when your partner is in pain, whether it be a physical or emotional hurt. Naturally, you’ll do your best to make him or her feel better.

5. You become protective.

His or her safety is always your priority. In short, you won’t hesitate to defend your sweetheart to anyone who tries to badmouth or attack them.

6. You’re comfortable about being gross.

Burping, picking your nose, and, yes, even farting is not an issue between the two of you anymore. You’re both okay with it – along with each other’s imperfections.

7. You strive to be better.

One of the surest signs that it’s genuine love indeed is when you are inspired to be better. You want your loved one to be proud of you and so you always do your best to improve in different aspects of your life.

8. You want to spend your future with that person.

Obviously, you are looking forward to a future with your significant other. You have goals and dreams – such as having kids, establishing a business, or even growing old together – and you are both working and preparing to turn those things into reality.

9. You’re proud of your partner.

Sure, everyone has weaknesses and no relationship is perfect but deep down inside, you know you’ll always be proud of your lover. You see his or her strengths and believe in their potential. You also rejoice in each other’s achievements and not feel any insecurity at all.

10. You are bestfriends!

Believe us when we say that friendship is a very important factor in any successful relationship. You love spending time together and enjoy each other’s companies, even if you have different interests. You two are inseperable!

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