Philippines Bans Kissing, Hugging, Holding Hands In Public To Curb Covid-19 Spread

Violators will be called out by cops, according to the police spokesperson.

March 10, 2021

Should Men Pay The Bill During Dates All The Time?

“Don't expect a man to pay the bill, just because he's a man,” says one writer.

May 17, 2019

15 Heartwarming Marriage Proposals That Are Definitely Out of the Ordinary

That "Dance Off" proposal made me tear up!

December 14, 2018

Tall Husbands And Short Wives Are Scientifically Happier Than Other Couples

Size certainly makes a difference!

December 2, 2018

Hilarious Fart Guide Is Must Read For Couples Who Share A Bed

Here's hoping nobody has to use #7!

September 10, 2018

Artist Creates Illustrations That Explore Ecstatic World of Couple’s Intimacy

These steamy illustrations will definitely get your fingers busy.

February 19, 2018

10 Unmistakable Signs That You’re In Love With The Right Person

You're definitely in love if you're feeling these 10 things!

December 14, 2017

14 Signs You May Be Bad in Bed And Not Know It

Just something to think about.

August 17, 2017

Science Says Holding Hands With Your Lover Can Ease Pain

Research reveals that holding your lover's hand results to synchronization of your heart and breathing rates and helps relieve pain.

June 27, 2017

Man Sets Up Hidden Camera to Catch Housekeeper Stealing, Sees His Wife “Taken” Instead

He was anticipating theft, but didn't expect the thief to “steal” his wife!

April 6, 2017

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