Artist’s Hyperrealistic Watercolor Paintings Perfectly Capture Vibrant Street Scenes of Manila

  • Filipino artist Ralvin Dizon uses watercolor to paint scenes from the streets of Manila.
  • According to Dizon, it takes him more than a month to finish each piece.

Hyperrealistic artworks are always impressive. Done right, we couldn’t help but admire the amount of details we get to see in each piece. It’s obvious that artists spend a lot of time creating them.

Ralvin Dizon is one such artist from the Philippines and we gotta admit: we’re blown away with his style. Dizon, who grew up in Mabalacat, Pampanga, recently caught the attention of netizens when his work got featured in BoredPanda.

He mostly draws scenes from the vibrant streets of Manila nd it’s just easy to mistake some of his watercolor paintings as photographs at first glance. Yes, they look THAT realistic! Feel free to scroll down below to see for yourself.

#1. Guerilla Tabora (2020)
#2. Purple Hijab
#3. Overdrive

As Dizon told Bored Panda, each piece takes time to finish. He said:

“The subjects that I frequently use are street scenes, especially those in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I spend 1 and a half months creating every piece, 5 days a week, 5 hours a day, in the size of 21×29 inches.”

#4. Tindera & Palengkeras
#5. Tusok Republic
#6. Balasenas For Sale
#7. Obrero De Calle Escolta
#8. Trike Delivery

“What’s good about this subject is that it shows an ordinary scene in an extraordinary time, which is frequently unnoticed by us,” the artist also added.

Moreover, he pointed out that he picked waterolor as his medium because he believes it can “”show the soul and character of the subjects.”

#9. Trisiklo At Aluminyo
#10. Dirty Ice Cream
#11. Plaza Miranda
#12. Owner Trike Jeep
#13. On The Job
#14. How’s My Driving?
#15. Untitled Motor

To see more of Ralvin Dizon’s paintings, you may want to like his official Facebook page or check him out over at DeviantArt.

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