Despite The Flood, Workers Continue Pouring Cement Into A Roadway In Bangkok

Nothing can stop these workers . Not even flood!

April 22, 2021

Artist’s Hyperrealistic Watercolor Paintings Perfectly Capture Vibrant Street Scenes of Manila

Filipino artist Ralvin Dizon uses watercolor to paint scenes from the streets of Manila. According to Dizon, it takes him…

December 26, 2020

Top 9 Strangest Streets In The World

It would be fun to pass through all of these!

August 13, 2018

4 Cute Kittens Sit and Listen to a Malaysian Street Singer Who Everyone Else Ignored

The kittens definitely appreciate his music.

May 10, 2016

Street Artist Creates Vibrant (and Gigantic!) Works of Art

Natalia Rak uses whole building walls as her painting canvas. How awesome is that?

September 15, 2015

Mugger Cries for ‘Daddy’ After Attacking the Wrong Woman in Brazil

Monique Bastos bravely took on the men who tried to mug her on the streets of Brazil.

September 4, 2015

This Museum Invited Street Artists To Create Art On Their Wall. The Results Are Mind-Blowing!

Street artists showed off their skills by painting on the museum's walls.

July 21, 2015

Man Rudely Honked His Car at This Old Lady and Her Revenge Is Sweet

Rude man got his fill after he honked his car at an elderly woman!

June 30, 2015

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