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Geologist Believes Pre-Historic Humans Drove All-Terrain Vehicles 14 Million Years Ago

A Russian geologist claims the tracks were from vehicles created by intelligent beings. But here's the catch - he doesn't believe they are man-made.

Phyrgian Valley, Central Turkey Russian geologist Dr. Alexander Koltypin, Director of Moscow’s International Independent Ecological-Political University Natural Science Scientific Research Center, investigated several mysterious tracks in the Phyrgian valley which he claims were from vehicles created by intelligent beings.

But here’s the catch – he doesn’t believe they are man-made.

Dr. Alexander Koltypin, a geologist, believes that the tracks were made by intelligent beings.

Photo credit: Mirror

Dr. Koltypin, together with three colleagues, inspected the said tracks and described them as “petrified tracking ruts in rocky tuffaceous deposits” made about 12-14 million years ago. According to him, the tracks were preserved in the same way dinosaur footprints were preserved.

Dr. Koltypin believes that the tracks were from ancient cars or all-terrain vehicles.

Photo credit: Will Stewart

Based on the fossilized tracks that they observed, Dr. Koltypin believes that the vehicles that created the ruts were either cars or a kind of an all-terrain vehicle. The ruts they found were of varying depths, with some pairs crossing each other from time to time; however the distance between each pair was always the same.

The preserved ruts were of varying depths.

Photo credit: Will Stewart
But the distance between each pair was always the same.

Photo credit: Will Stewart

Archaeologists are still studying the possible origins of the tracks, with some positing that the tracks originated from carts used by the Phrygians. However, Dr. Koltypin argues that the tracks prove the existence of “ancient civilizations” as they were created about 12-14 million years ago.

Photo credit: Will Stewart

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