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Famous ‘Love Locks’ Have Been Removed From Pont des Arts Bridge In Paris

Paris breaks the hearts of locals and tourists as the 'love locks' have been removed from Pont des Arts bridge in Paris.

Instead of metal grilles, the panels will be replaced by ‘padlock-proof’ plexiglass in an effort to prevent  couples from leaving them again.

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The bridge have completely become lock-free.

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The history of love padlocks is thought to date back over a century ago to a Serbian tale of love in during World War I.

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The bridge has become a tourist attraction for romantic couples and newly weds who wanted to leave a token of love.

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From Rome, the tradition of attaching ‘love locks’ to bridges spread and started in Paris in 2008.

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However, the tradition had begun causing problems as the bridge began to collapse due to the weight of  nearly a million padlocks.

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Campaign group No Love Locks told CNN that the locks attracted graffiti, pickpockets and other anti-social behaviour to the picturesque bridge.

Photo credit: Alamy

This may seem like a sad news for many but it’s also better to preserve the enduring heritage of Paris. After all, there are many other ways to show your love to your significant other than putting a padlock on a public structure.

H/T: Daily Mail, Business Insider


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