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Japanese Family Hears Creepy Noises From Deceased Grandma’s Room

The family was surprised to see living creatures inside the walls.

It’s almost Halloween and that means creepy, chilling tales might flood your social media. One such scary tale with a brilliant twist that you might want to share with your friends to spook them is from Japanese Twitter user @handai05_nkym. 

In the story, @handai05_nkym shared how her family has been hearing noises from her late grandma’s room. When they went to investigate, they were indeed surprised.

The family lives in an old house – around 50 years old with a creepy-looking porcelain doll.

@handai05_nkym’s family live in that old house, which they shared with their grandmother when she was still alive. When the grandma passed, no one has been using the room. It’s not quite empty since there were displays still left, like porcelain dolls – a creepy one at that.

And since the room is now unoccupied, the girl’s parents said they’ve been hearing strange noises coming from the said room every night. It has a distinct shuffling noise as if something or someone is running about while the entire house is quiet and everyone’s sleeping. Whenever someone goes into grandma’s room to check, there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary – except maybe for a creepy-looking porcelain doll.

Soon, @handai05_nkym’s family came up with theories as to what could be making that strange noise at night. At one point, they believed that a zashiki warashi (or “parlor children”) have moved into their home. In Japan, zashiki warashi are spirits or monsters that are part of the Tohoku region’s folklore. Fortunately, these spirits are mischievous instead of evil and some say they can even bring good luck to a family.

The couple then realized that the sounds were coming from inside the walls.

The noise continued on and it seems like they were running out of options. That’s when @handai05_nkym’s parents decided to cut open the room’s wall as they believe the sounds came from the inside.

Little did they know that they’ll be seeing living creatures inside! What a big surprise indeed. It turns out that there were no mischievous spirits trying to keep the family awake at all. Instead, they found something much more interesting… and cute..

Watch the video below…

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