Adorable Cat And Human Enjoying Spa Day Together Go Viral On TikTok

Their TikTok video now has more than 62 million views!

March 9, 2021

Thai Navy Rescue Four Cats From Sinking Ship

Kudos to these heroes!

March 7, 2021

50 Funny Cats Who Are Just Pure Troublemakers

These cats are simply hilarious!

November 28, 2020

Unique Bed For Cat Owners Has A Playground For Cats Underneath

"You will continue to rest as you normally would, but now, you provide a unique den to your cat," the…

November 10, 2020

Cat Visits Beach For The First Time. He Clearly HATES It!

"The faces he was making, we'd never seen anything like it before."

November 5, 2020

Guy Gives His Pet Cats Cartoony Facial Expressions Using Cute Cut Outs

Cats just became more adorable than ever!

September 3, 2020

Cat With Split-Colored Face Fathers Kittens Who Inherited Each of His Colors

The kids are as beautiful as their stunning daddy!

June 25, 2020

Bored People are Building Awesome Cardboard Tanks for Their Cats During Quarantine

Are you bored in quarantine? Here's a fun way to entertain yourself and your cats!

May 21, 2020

Couple Builds a Remarkable ‘Cat Paradise’ on Their Backyard

There are cat lovers, and then there are cat lovers.

May 16, 2020

Two Cats in N.Y. Are First Pets To Be Infected of COVID-19

"These are the first pets in the United States to test positive."

April 23, 2020

Study Finds That Cats Can Contract COVID-19 Virus

Infected persons are encouraged to isolate themselves, not only from their family members but their pet cats.

April 23, 2020

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