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Italian Billionaire Finds Missing Wife and is Devastated!

Italian billionaire Gianluca Cervara thought his wife of a few months was kidnapped. But thanks to social media, he found that she was alive and well.

Everyone knows about ghosting, right? When you’re seeing someone or you went out on a date that went well, and then suddenly BAM! They’re gone. No text, no call, no nothing, and it’s like they disappeared into thin air like a ghost. Hence the term.

Devastating as it is when you’re dating someone, imagine what it’s like if your legal spouse suddenly disappears on you and makes you think that they’ve been kidnapped?

That’s exactly what happened to this Italian billionaire named Gianluca Cervara whose wife suddenly went missing, leaving him heartbroken and utterly miserably.

The Cervaras looked like any other happy, rich couple.

Cervara woke up one day to find that his beloved wife of a few months, Miss Ukraine 2013 Anna Zaiachkivska, was missing and continued to be MIA for a while. Fearing she had been kidnapped, he frantically contacted the police.

Not long after, and thanks to technology, the distraught Cervara was rendered even more distraught when he saw posts from his missing wife. The photos showed that the 24-year-old Anna was alive and well, but also with a man… In a five-star hotel, no less.

The plot thickens as her photos were hashtagged “freedom”, indicating that not everything was fine and dandy in the Cervara household.

In a rage, the billionaire decided to sue Zaiachkivska for breaking their prenup agreement and for allegedly stealing £5,000 and a mobile phone from his home.

Not being able to help himself, Cervara also left some comments on Zaiachkivska photos such as “Your Husband in Milan And Parents say thank You for Be in New York with address Of another Man.” and “Wooooow Married escape without Tell And with fake address in New York!!”

She was livin’ the dream while her husband and family worried about where she had gone off to.

Of course, Zaiachkivska shot back with a response to her husband’s taunting. She claims to have fled because her husband “raised his hands” against her and that she was living in a “golden cage.” She was also enraged at the fact that Cervara refused to pay attention to her when she had “headaches for a week.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Zaiachkivska ran away from her husband. She says, “The first time when he did it I ran away to my parents’ house in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. I did not tell them what the matter was. He came to get me, and I gave him a second chance, but during an argument he spat in my face, and I simply could not take it.”

Perhaps leaving without a trace felt like the only way she could escape her husband…

Cervara responded by telling reporters, “She has lots of pretty photos taken in five-star hotels, she is posing with other men. She does not look unhappy at all.”

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