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Is Quaden Bayles Really 18 Years Old and His Bullying Story a Scam?

Some are claiming he's 18. We did some digging and here's what we found!

  • Shortly after netizens and famous celebrities poured over their love and money for Quaden Bayles, some are expressing outrage for “falling into a trap,” saying the viral video is allegedly staged.
  • Several Twitter users did some “amateur investigation” and is now accusing Bayles’ as a scammer, claiming he and his family are financially well-off and that the 9-year old Australian boy with dwarfism is actually an adult.
  • Photos of an “adult” and a baller Bayles has been circulating over social media.

Shortly after netizens, including famous celebrities, poured over their emotions and support for a bullied 9-year-old boy with dwarfism, rumors and conspiracy theories eventually started circulating online that Quaden Bayles’ heartbreaking video might be a scam. Now people are having mixed reactions about the issue.

Is Quaden Bayles really who we think he is? Is he really a 9-year-old boy who has been struggling from his classmates’ bullying due to his condition or is he an 18-year-old actor whose career is to stage a viral-worthy story and scam people in the end?

One of the first ones to express support for Quaden was stand-up comedian Brad Williams who made a GoFundMe campaign to bring Bayles and his mom to Disneyland. He also mentioned that the rest of the funds will be donated to an anti-bullying organization. Williams, as of this posting, has raised over $400,000.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named Paul Szypula made allegations that Bayles is actually an Australian actor and Yarraka, Quaden’s mom, posted a “fake sobbing video of him” so they can deceive people.

Szypula also posted a video of Bayles, showing Quaden counting “his acting money” from GoFundMe.

“This is what you get for working, this is what you get for working everyday” Bayles said in a video as he was flaunting his money.

Another Twitter user posted screenshot of a social media netizen named Jasmein Dowe, claiming that Bayles is an 18-year old adult, and has “plenty of money”. She also claimed that Twitter account @quadosss has posted about – but immediately erased – his 18th birthday.

The Elite Readers team verified the said accounts but so far, it’s been discovered that @quadosss only has 10 tweets while another one, @quadossss, has 61 posts. However, the latter only started posting tweets when the video got viral. Also, both Twitter accounts posted tweets mocking donors for falling into his “finesse”.

So yes, there isn’t a clear, definitive proof that the Quaden Bayles story is a scam.

Several days ago, Yarraka posted a video on her Facebook account in an effort to educate the public about the impact of bullying. The short clip featured her son crying, asking his mom to give him a rope expressing he wanted to kill himself. Other students often make fun of him because of his short height.

“This is what bullying does. All it takes is one more instant, and you wonder why kids are killing themselves,” Yarraka said in her video

Aside from Williams, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman also showed support by posting a video on Twitter.

“Quaden, you are stronger than you know mate, and no matter what, you’ve got a friend in me,” Jackman said.

Despite the scam accusations, a lot of people are pouring in support and love for Quaden and his family.

Meanwhile, a 2015 Studio 10 video featuring Yarraka and Quaden, who was 4 years old then, resurfaced proving he really is a 9-year-old kid.

Watch the interview here:
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