Is Quaden Bayles Really 18 Years Old and His Bullying Story a Scam?

Some are claiming he's 18. We did some digging and here's what we found!

February 22, 2020

After Seeing Heartbreaking Video of Bullied Boy, Comedian Raises Over $150,000 To Send Him to Disneyland

Comedian Brad Williams set up a GoFundMe campaign not only to send 9-year-old Quaden Bayles to Disneyland but also to…

February 21, 2020

Instagram Couple Beg Fans to Fund Their Lavish Trip Because Working Isn’t An Option

They don't think getting a job is an option!

June 20, 2019

Awesome Boy Learned To Crochet At 5 Years, Is Now Touted A Crocheting Prodigy

Jonah Larson is also hoping to help other children discover their passion and strengths!

March 25, 2019

Elderly McDonald’s Worker Receives $69K In Donations After Wife Passes Away In Restaurant

A beautiful story of friendship, generosity, and rising above tragedy.

October 22, 2018

Woman Raises Almost $400K For Homeless Man Who Used His Last $20 To Buy Her Gas

A homeless man was generous enough to donate his last money to make sure a stranded woman gets home safe.

November 29, 2017

8-Year-Old Boy Raises Money to Buy Wheelchair for His Disabled Friend

So amazing! This boy restores our faith in humanity!

July 30, 2017

Mom Goes On Epic Adventure With 6-Year-Old Daughter Who Will Go Blind Soon

What a heartbreaking story. Kudos to you, mom!

August 14, 2016

Waitress Receives $6,000 Tip After Being Bullied By A Racist Guy

Faith in humanity has been restored!

May 4, 2016

Woman Spent All Her Money on Powerball Tickets, Then Sets Up a GoFundMe To Get it Back

Would you donate to this woman who spent all her life savings on lotto tickets?

January 21, 2016

Boy in ‘Success Kid’ Meme Now All Grown Up, Asks Help For His Dad’s Kidney Transplant.

The cute toddler used in many memes is all grown up and is asking help for his sick dad.

April 16, 2015

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