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25 Noteworthy Ways That Recycling Can Help The World

What have you done today to protect the environment? Here's a list of recycling to-dos you might want to try over the next 25 days.

It’s been said time and again that recycling is important as it is one of the best ways to protect the environment. We’ve seen so many documentaries, movies, heard the impacts of climate change and what we can all do in our own little way to protect Mother Earth. We only have one planet anyway, so why not do our share to make sure that even the future generations still have something to look forward to.

All it takes to help save the planet is for each individual to do their share. It doesn’t have to be too big a gesture. We have to keep in mind that a sustainable planet is important for our children and their children to survive. Here are the 2 important ways that recycling tremendously helps the world.

25. Recycling one piece of aluminum can actually saves enough energy so you can listen to one full album on your ipod.

Source: daisy.r
24. There are over 6 BILLION kilograms of trash that are dumped into the ocean every single day; most of which is plastic. So the next time you think of throwing that candy wrapper at the beach, just don't.

23. Motor oil that isn't disposed of properly can already contaminate 2 million gallons of fresh water. That's a lot of drinking water for hundreds of years to waste.

22. Recycling aluminum saves 95% the cost of having to produce new aluminum.

Source: wikipedia
21. Recycled aluminum cans find their way back to store shelves in just a little after 60 days.

Source: Manfred
20. The Doggone Project in Germany recycles dead pets into fertilizer.

Source: 开 林
19. To heat water, the CIA burns classified documents.

18. One ton of recycled paper can save: 683 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water, and 4 cubic meters of space in a landfill

Source: louisefalcon
17. When toilet paper is recycled, nearly 27,00 trees are saved.

Source: Tiina Gill
16. 95% of data is still stored on paper. Thanks to digital or cloud storage, the number is decreasing and less paper is wasted.

15. A recycled plastic bottle can conserve energy to power a watt lightbulb for over six hours

Source: William Low
14. Each hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles. Each bottle takes about years or more to decompose.

13. One third of garbage dump consists of packaging material which could have been recycled and reused.

Source: roscodebosco
12. Thousands of marine life die from ingesting plastic that is thrown into the ocean.

11. In one year, Americans would have thrown enough plastic cans and bottles anywhere that totals to reaching the moon and back 20 times.

10. 1 ton of plastic that’s recycled can save over 7,500 gallons liters of gas. That’s a lot of gas to supply thousands of cars.

Source: T N Jones
9. One recycled aluminum can power the TV for 2 hours.

Source: Don White
8. One ton of recycled paper means 17 trees that have been saved.

Source: Ho Ryan
7. In Finland, all the glass bottles are recycled.

Source: Edward Conde
6. Fat from liposuction can be used for fuel.

Source: wikipedia
5. If the US raised its recycling rate to 75%, it would equal the removal of 50 million cars off of the streets.

Source: Ivan Kotov
4. 85% of clothing anywhere around the world can be recycled.

Source: Ryan Baker
3. Aluminum can be recycled infinitely. It's actually the most recycled packaging product in the entire planet.

Source: frankieleon
2. A glass bottle that isn't recycled may decompose only after 4,000 years.

Source: Theen Moy
1. New York City residents need to recycle old electronics or face a fine of $100.

Source: Flavio

What would you do to help save Mother Earth?

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