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30 Comic Strips That Show Blatant Double Standard In Today’s Society

Whatever happened to humanity!

Comic strips, when done right, can be a powerful medium. Although we usually associate the art with humor and levity, comics can actually deliver profound messages that can make you stop and think.

Case in point, the strips below allow all of us to see and realize the rampant hypocrisy of the modern world. As you will see below, these thought-provoking comics about society’s double standards are tinged with so much wit, sarcasm, and reality it actually hurts.

Go scroll down to see for yourself.

#1. Public display of breasts.

Source: LA Times
#2. Really impossible to please people sometimes.

Source: Tumblr
#3. But that’s obscene!

#4. Same things, different labels.

Source: Reddit
#5. Appropriate vs inappropriate.

#6. Fat chicks can’t cosplay.

Source: DeviantArt
#7. Who’s the fake fan now?

Source: Tumblr
#8. Life can be so unfair for mothers…

Source: Facebook
#9. What is it about metal underwear anyway?!

#10. Labels, labels, labels…

Source: Robot-Hugs
#11. Girls and math.

Source: XKCD
#12. I love food!

Source: Tumblr
#13. Non-threatening strategies for women.

#14. Makeup vs no makeup.

#15. Why is she shouting?

Source: Alternet
#16. Equal outrage.

Source: ShortPacked
#17. Love handles.

Source: fborfw
#18. The dilemma of growing up as an Indian girl.

#19. Acceptable vs not acceptable.

#20. This sums it up very well…

Source: DeviantArt
#21. Abortion vs being a single mother

Source: Imgur
#22. Date me!

Source: pixiv
#23. “You need to dress more appropriately.”

#24. The disgusting culture of victim blaming.

Source: pixiv
#25. Society’s sad expectations of what it means to be a man.

Source: pixiv
#26. Dinners and boys.

#27. Dad bod.

#28. Things you can only do with boys.

#29. Double standard indeed!

Source: Dilbert
#30. “Not a real man” vs “You go girl!”

Source: Tumblr
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