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Bucket List Destinations That Are Actually Disappointing

Ugh! What a bummer.

Each of us has their dream places we’d love to visit someday. Others are fortunate to cross it off their bucket list already. So the question is, did they enjoy these places? Was it worth it?

Here’s the thing, some of these popular tourist sports are overrated and a trap. Sorry to burst your bubble, but take a peep at these “dream destinations” that you may, well, put last on your bucket list.

#1. Best View of Stonehenge is from a highway nearby.

Source: Insider
#2. The Vatican is remarkably crowded. You won’t be able to enjoy sightseeing.

Source: Insider
#3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is jam-packed with tourists and the tower itself, is small.

Source: Insider
#4. Yes, Niagara Falls is a beautiful sight to behold.

Source: Insider
#5. In Cairo, Egypt, the Great Pyramids are just a short walk away from the continually expanding city and fast food restaurants.

Source: Insider
#6. The Blarney stone experience is, mainly, waiting in line and kissing the stone smooched by hundreds of people.

Source: Insider
#7. Las Vegas looks so perfect in movies, although, in reality, it’s too touristy and pricey.

Source: Insider
#8. As much as possible, locals try to avoid the overpeopled Times Square.

Source: Insider
#9. When visiting the Empire State Building, prepare your pockets and legs.

Source: Insider
#10. The Hollywood walk of fame looks ordinary.

Source: Insider
#11. Standing in four states at once in Four Corner Monument is pretty exciting, but, that’s just it.

Source: Insider
#12. Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil takes a long trip getting there.

Source: Insider
#13. Venice’s locals avoid getting caught riding the overpriced and cheesy gondola.

Source: Insider
#14. Depressing is what best describes the feeling when you’re at the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Source: Insider
#15. You can view the Buckingham Palace only from afar and what you get to see is solely the outside exteriors.

Source: Insider
#16. The Space Needle in Seattle is smaller than what you expect it to be.

Source: Insider

What’s worse? No great view.

Are you still giddy to go to these places?

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