Scary All-Glass Elevator Climbs Over 1,200 Feet Is Being Built In New York

Definitely not for the faint of heart!

  • An enclosed all-glass elevator is currently being built in New York.
  • It climbs up to 1,210 feet, providing people with a breathtaking view of the city.
  • The said lift will be part of the Summit One Vanderbilt project which will open in October 2021.

Thrill-seekers will have a new way to explore New York soon. According to recent reports, a company is building an enclosed all-glass elevator – and it will be located outside a midtown building.

Apparently, the elevator, which will be part of Summit One Vanderbilt – climbs more than1,200 feet at one of the tallest buildings in the city.

In a press release, SL Green Realty Corp shared:

“[Summit One Vanderbilt] will include an all-glass enclosed elevator called Ascent which travels up the outside of the building to breathtaking views that soar at 1,210 feet above New York City.”

In addition to Ascent, visitors may likewise try Levitation.

“Adventurers will also enjoy stepping out into fully transparent glass sky boxes called Levitation that jut out of the building and suspend guests 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue,” the press release continued. “The Summit features an outdoor bar, seating areas to enjoy the magnificent views and the highest urban outdoor alpine meadow in the world.”

SL Green also added that aside from offering fantastic views, Summit One Vanderbilt aims to “redefine the way people experience the intersection between nature and the built environment.”

Marc Holiday, who is CEO and chairman of SL Green, also said:

“We have created a destination that offers an interactive experience that will be remembered for a lifetime with the best, amplified views in all of New York City. Summit One Vanderbilt is awe inspiring, magical and needs to be experienced to be understood. It is a special, thrilling place that New Yorkers and travelers from across the country and the world will want to visit time and time again.”

The company is expecting to complete the project and welcome the public by October 2021.

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