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15 Full Time Jobs To Try Even If You Don’t Have A College Diploma

Not all successful people went to college.

Investing time and effort in applying for a job can be stressful, especially if you do not meet the prerequisite for the position you have been eyeing for. Worry no more and ready your Curriculum Vitae!

Not all people who made it big in life graduated from college. Check these 15 jobs you can get without a college degree, this might be the chance for you to land a job and to start your career.

#1. Welder

Being a welder is one of the most complex and challenging jobs out there that comes with a mean annual wage of $43,410. The primary duty of a welder is to use extremely high heat to melt and fuse metal parts together.

#2. Hairdresser

Hairdressers provide hair care services such as cutting, coloring and styling hair. Many hair stylists enjoy flexible hours with a mean annual wage of $30,490.

#3. Animal Caretaker

If you love animals, this job that can give you a mean annual wage of $25,170 is perfect for you. Animal caretakers’ tasks include grooming, feeding, training and exercising pets. The need for an animal caretaker is rising because of the increasing population of animals.

#4. Tree Faller

A tree faller’s primary task is to measure falling trees and cut them using a chainsaw or an axe. This job comes with the risk of personal injury and property damage, thus, safety is a top concern. A career as a tree faller can give you $46,930 annually.

#5. Security Guard

This is one of the dangerous jobs that may require extensive background checking and training of the applicant to provide excellent security service. Security guard job duties include monitoring equipment, checking identification and searching vehicles. The annual wage for this job is $30,730.

#6. Tile and Marble Setter

A tile and marble setter’s duty is to apply materials such as tile and marbles to walls, ceilings and roof decks. Most setters are self-employed, and some are hired by contractors. A setter’s annual wage is $46,370.

#7. Pest Control Worker

If you fancy a job where you can be your own boss, this might be the best for you. Pest control workers inspect buildings, houses or establishments for signs of pests such as bugs, rodents, rats, termites and any other unwanted pests. If they spot any unwanted pests, pest control worker is equipped to eliminate those. The annual wage for this job is $36,610.

#8. School Bus Driver

School bus drivers’ primary duty is to transport students from home to school and vice versa. To be a bus driver, an applicant must have a clean record and must possess a commercial license with a proper endorsement. A mean wage of $43,290 awaits for this job.

#9. Groundskeeper

If you have a green thumb and if you are a nature lover, groundskeeping is a job that you will surely enjoy. Groundskeepers’ responsibilities include maintaining trees in outdoor areas, shaping trees and shrubs, planting flower beds, installing sprinkler, pulling weeds, fertilizing and flowering. Most of the groundskeeper are either self-employed or employed by a landscaping firm, earning an annual wage of $29,700.

#10. Telecommunications Line Installer

The duties of this job include installing, maintaining or repairing telecommunications equipment such as telephone, televisions and internet connection. A telecommunications line installer earns an annual wage of $56,340.

#11. Customer Support

One of the most in-demand jobs nowadays with an annual wage of $35,650, a customer service representative. The primary duty of a representative is to provide excellent customer service by addressing the concern of customers, it may be through phone or in person.

#12. Coin, Vending, and Amusement Machine Service

If you want to be a mechanic or technician, this job is for you. The tasks for this job includes installing, maintaining and repairing vending machines. Las Vegas holds the highest level of employment for this line of work. The annual income of a vending mechanic/technician is $35,290.

#13. Locksmith

This is one of the most usual high-paying jobs with an annual wage of $42,730. A locksmith’s primary task is to install locks and closer for doors, maintain and repair locking systems, duplicate keys and assist clients whose door were locked by accident.

#14. Bartender

A bartender’s task includes preparing customers’ alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Moreover, assessing customers’ identification and managing the inventory is also part of the duty. The annual wage for this job is $26,260.

#15. Plumber

This is one of the highest paid construction jobs with an annual wage of $57,070. Plumbers duties are to install and repair pipelines and sewerage. Apart from their primary responsibility, they also install shower, bathtub, bathroom and kitchen sink and water heater.

Not every job requires a college diploma; you just have to keep on searching to find a position that matches your skills or even your hobbies. These 15 jobs serve as proof that you can land a job even without having a degree.

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