30 Suspiciously-Placed Quotation Marks That Are Just Totally Hilarious

#7 sounds so wrong!

Proper punctuation is always important when it comes to written English. Whether you’re writing an essay for a school requirement or a resume for a job application, you need to get things right if you want to make a good impression.

That said, it’s definitely amusing how some people seem to have gotten away with using misplaced quotation marks. We’re guessing you may have spotted some of these -such as a local shop’s outdoor sign or maybe a simple Facebook post, among others.

As you can probably imagine, things got pretty hilarious (and weird!) in most cases.

Go check out the funny compilation below and see for yourself:

#1. Spice up that Facebook comment!

I kinda want to give this a try.

#2. Now how do we trust that guy?!
#3. You know you want it….

Besides, they’ve go lovely baristas.

#4. You have been warned.
#5. So, naughty?
#6. Just let them know.
#7. Or maybe not!
#8. This should make violators think twice…

No one would want that.

#9. At least they’re “honest” about it, right?
#10. WTF!
#11. Politicians being true at last.
#12. Would you dare open this envelope?
#13. This should make anyone suspicious.
#14. If you’re really smart, you’d probably hesitate about this.
#15. Not an effective way of convincing people about the importance of helmets.
#16. “Those quotes tho”

Shots fired.

#17. Whatever you say, bro!
#18. Probably not the kind of holiday your family wants.
#19. Does this count as a ‘your Mama’ joke?
#20. Two misplaced quotation marks in one image. Brilliant!
#21. Uh, so congratulations?

His facial expression says it all.

#22. Strictly.
#23. What have you done this time, Mom?!
#24. Would you ring the bell?
#25. The choice is yours…
#26. An important reminder.
#27. They’re not even sure?
#28. We can all agree with this one.

This had me laughing out loud!

#29. Can’t help but wonder what kind of animal they actually own…
#30. Things are about to get dirty!
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