40 Funny Doormats That Are Plain Genius

Gotta love these mats - especially #10!

They say first impressions last and if you think about it, the humble doormat does send a message about who you are. That may sound like a total exaggeration but if you think about it, its one of the first things that a visitor will notice whenever they come over, right? So yes, it’s important to pick the right doormat that matches your style.

As you can see below, some homeowners likely relied on their sense of humor when buying their doormats – and it’s absolutely brilliant. We couldn’t help but chuckle while looking at this compilation.

Go scroll down below and feel free to tell us which of these Instagrammable doormats are your favorites!

#1. This can actually be pretty useful.

#2. You have been warned….
#3. Ha! This is genius.
#4. Now we know why the homeowner got that doormat.
#5. Exactly as you requested…
#6. So profound.
#7. Answer all three or leave!
#8. Now that’s an interesting way of measuring the door’s angle.
#9. ‘Nuff said!
#10. This one’s funny and creative.
#11. Game of Thrones fans would appreciate this.
#12. Don’t even dare….
#13. “Please stop by again after you’ve made a bigger impression.”
#14. Wait, what?!
#15. A good checklist for the forgetful ones.
#16. So adorbs!
#17. Just so you know.
#18. Too much info right there!
#19. We come in peace.
#20. Admit it: you sang this one.
#21. Do. Or do not.
#22. Stalker mode on.
#23. So see you next time, then?
#24. Too much honesty.
#25. You have been granted permission. Go do it!
#26. The note has even been signed.
#27. Diary of a cat. LOL so cute!
#28. And I thought it was gonna be motivational.
#30. In case you’re curious, that’s binary for “Welcome.”
#31. Gotcha!
#32. Just saying….
#33. We do, too.
#34. It means “F**k off” in sign language.
#35. Fair warning if a homeowner has a dog that big.
#36. Hey, wait….
#37. Lionel Richie fans must be pleased.
#38. And you are?
#39. Just one word:
#40. Futurama’s Zoidberg. Love this one!

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