Student’s Minimalist Painting Perfectly Depicts Minimal Pandemic Aid For The Poor

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

  • Student Jadie Pasaylo, 21, made an acrylic painting that went viral online.
  • His piece entited “Maluwag Na Kaginhawaan” has sparked quite the reaction from social media netizens as he depicted the insufficient pandemic aid in the country.
  • “People are the usual casualties of the natural occurrence,” he wrote.” They are caught off guard, left jeopardized, and forsaken for god knows how long.

A young artist from the Philippines has recenty gained a lot of attention online after joining a government-sponsored art contest. Apparently, Jadie Regala Pasaylo, a 21-year old Fine Arts student from the University of the Philippines Diliman, sent an entry for the GSIS Art Competition 2021.

For the said contest, artworks had to comply with the theme centering on the gift of relief amid the pandemic. Jadie went ahead and submitted a minimalist painting featuring a can of sardines in the bottom right of the canvas.

Entitled “Maluwag na Kaginhawaan” (which loosely translates to ‘Spacious Comfort’), the 4×3 feet acrylic painting is Jadie’s commentary on the insufficient pandemic aid for the poor.

“People are the usual casualties of the natural occurrence,” said Jadie in his Facebook post. ”They are caught off guard, left jeopardized, and forsaken for god knows how long.”

He likewise pointed out:

”Incentives also encounter this dismal fate. These supposed lifeboats of our drowning citizens are left unattended or brazenly misused. Our stomachs are emptied, and so our resources.”

According to Jadie, he sent his entry last April 19 but was rejected. GSIS, however, denied the claim, saying they’re “still in the screening stage of the competition” and “have not sent any email to Mr. Pasaylo.”

Jadie decided to share his painting on social media last May 4 and as of this writing, it has already received around 5,000 shares.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” he also wrote on his Facebook post.

Since the start of the pandemic, the young painter, who has been living alone in Antipolo, has never received any aid from the government. “What I can remember is I asked for a canned food from a neighbor last year because I was busy painting,” Jadie told the media.

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