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12 Super Simple Remedies for All Sorts of Stains

Got wine on your carpet? Deodorant stains on your shirt? No problem because here's how you can erase those stains!

If you’re absolutely clumsy or you’re just always in an environment where a few stains can’t be avoided, you’ve probably been looking high and low for ways to rid your once-immaculate clothes of stains. Well look no further because these are the easiest one-ingredient fixes for those stubborn stains!

#1. Oil

Source: Pixabay

Whether it’s lip gloss or food grease, rubbing chalk powder into the oil will help absorb the grease before you toss it in the wash.

#2. Grease

Source: Pixabay

Grease stains can easily be removed by pouring Coca-Cola onto the stain before washing.

#3. Sweat

Source: Pixabay

Underarm sweat stains can be removed by mixing one part lemon juice with one part water and rubbing it onto the stained area.

#4. Deodorant

Source: Pixabay

To keep those shirts immaculate, give those deodorant stains a quick rub with dryer sheets.

#5. Coffee

Source: Pixabay

The best way to get rid of coffee stains is by moistening a cloth and dipping it in some baking soda. Afterwards, rub that piece of cloth against the coffee stain and rinse.

#6. Red Wine

Source: Pixabay

Before the wine has completely set, sprinkle some salt onto it to help absorb the wine, Then wash as usual.

#7. Ink

Source: Pixabay

Art piece gone wrong? Soak your ink-stained clothes in some milk overnight before washing.

#8. Lipstick

Source: Pixabay

Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it against the stain.

#9. Blood

Source: Pixabay

Fresh bloodstains can easily be removed by applying 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and rinsing with water.

#10. Grass

Source: Pixabay

Remove grass stains by dabbing a sponge soaked in vinegar onto the stained area.

#11. Makeup

Source: Pixabay

Nope, don’t use makeup remover! Instead, rub shaving cream onto the stain before rinsing.

#12. Berry Juice

Source: Pixabay

No need for anything fancy. Just pour some boiling water onto the stain from a distance of about 8 inches to flush out the stain!

Got more DIY stain removal tricks? Share them with us below!

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