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Kind-Hearted Woman Helps Homeless Man Crying at Restaurant Build a New Life

This proves that no matter how ugly the world can be, there will always be people willing to help.

Whether or not you’re a believer of the Christian faith, we bet you definitely know the parable of the Good Samaritan. This simply implies that you must “love your neighbor as yourself,” or at least this is what Christianity tells us. In reality, however, we barely see people do good things with others. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these Good Samaritans no longer exist today.

In fact, a woman by the name of Katy Hurst just did the nicest stuff. She was about to get some food at a fast-food restaurant, but she saw something that she couldn’t simply ignore. There was a man seemingly crying inside the establishment.

She was about to pull around and wait for her order when he saw a man crying.

Source: KMBC

Hurst was quoted saying,

I saw him crying, he broke down and I didn’t know who this person was. I had seen him through the community. He used to have a bike with a cart.”

Pops, the name of the homeless man, was actually suffering from constant pain. He said that he was praying to an angel and God to help “take him home.”

I told him there’s a place at the table he set for me, I’m hungry, I’m ready to eat…if there’s room prepared for me, I’d like to come home.”

He added that he was both lonely and sad, and that he just kept having these ones after the other.

Source: YouCaring

Hurst, however, insisted that it wasn’t time for him to go home. That his life, in one way or another, wasn’t about to end that day. She even offered him a stay at her house.

She later found out that Pops got beaten and robbed countless times already. Hence the injuries and broken bones. Hurst just couldn’t take the unfortunate sight, thus she decided to take him to the hospital. Hurst explained that the old man needed “somebody to step in and help him.”

Pops didn’t only have a broken collarbone, he also had his ribs ripped.

Source: YouCaring

On Facebook, Hurst asked the community for donation, clothing, money, and other items that could help Pops. She said,

Pops needs our help to show him that this world is still full of good people!”

So far, Hurst has managed to raise enough money to cover Pops’ medical costs. He also got dressed down.

Hairstylist Pamela Denson said that Pops was both “nice and a soft-spoken gentleman.” She added that the old man knew that praying would eventually get him the help he needed. And voila, Hurst embodied the help.

Pops got a hot bath, a nice haircut, and some real food.

Source: YouCaring

Hurst now hopes to raise more funds for Pops’ housing. She believes that one day, he will soon start a new life.

We have to help each other and helping each other helps all of us.”

For those who want to help Pops, you can make a donation here. Be sure to share this with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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