Waitress Quits Job On The Spot After Anti-Maskers Claim “Religious Exemption”

"I f***ing quit! What is wrong with you, people?"

  • A Denny’s restaurant worker decided to quit on the job after dealing with customers who defended they don’t have to wear masks because of “religious exemption.”
  • The video went viral online, with many netizens sympathizing with the woman and bashing the disrespectful anti-maskers.

A Denny’s waitress decided to quit on the spot after encountering two men who refused to wear masks while at the restaurant. Their reason? They said they have “religious exemption,” even citing the “Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The anti-maskers entered the establishment, filming the whole thing. In the video that has since gone viral, The woman can be seen politely dealing with them, reminding them to follow the policy. It didn’t take long before she eventually lost her patience.

“You know what? I quit! I f***ing quit! What is wrong with you, people?”

The men continued filming, even accusing the woman of discrimination.

She immediately headed for the door as the men taunted her not to believe the media.

The manager later came out to tell them, “I’m sorry you can’t come in here without a mask.”

Watch this video to see how it all happened:

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A Denny’s representative later issued a statement via Newsweek, saying:

“Denny’s is aware of the situation involving an employee and two guests that refused to wear face coverings at its Franklin Park, IL location. While we understand that some may feel that they are exempt from certain mandates, at Denny’s, the safety of our employees and guests is our top priority and we will always abide by all applicable regulations and guidelines to ensure that priority is met.

“This pandemic has hit the restaurant industry and those that work in it particularly hard, and we ask that those who choose to dine out respect the hard work and resilience of these workers by adhering to public health guidelines as well as individual restaurant policies.

“We look forward to when these requirements are no longer necessary, but until then, will continue to act in the best interest of the health and welfare of our guests, employees and the communities we serve.”

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