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30 Unexpected Discoveries In The Most Surprising Places

#17 is totally 'Wild'!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found by accident? Some people have been lucky enough to find rare items from history or just awesome little gift from nature. Either way, some discoveries are just so unexpected because since they turn up in the most surprising places.

You never know what you will find by chance. It’s probably best to keep an eye out when you’re at the beach, the mountains, in a lake, or digging in your own attic. Here are 30 amazing discoveries found in the most unexpected places.

#1. Trail Ride Leads To Winnie The Pooh’s House

Source: Reddit

It looks like Pooh has renovated and officially claimed the home for himself. Perhaps someone thought Pooh should get his name on the door when they worked on this tree? Canon or not, it’s an adorable find in the woods.

#2. Message In A Bottle Has Its Own Plot Twist

Source: Imgur

Finding a message in a bottle is truly exciting as you wonder about the writer who sent their letter adrift at sea. However, one man found a touching message from “Mel” who just wants to go on a journey. Kudos to the guy for sending Mel back on his way.

#3. A Magical Little Planet

Source: Reddit

The original post reads, “While walking on the beach in Hawaii my wife and I found this glass ball that had become the home of a small marine ecosystem.” Although this is common for objects that are left at sea, the glass ball looks so amazing we had to include it in the list.

#4. The Really Old Diary

Source: Imgur

This one was discovered by someone working in recycling. The diary comes with an old pencil and is filled with several entries dating back to 1941.

#5. Clovers In A Bottle

Source: Reddit

This is just too cool.

#6. A Lucky And Adorable Discovery

Source: Imgur

These people were getting ready to mow their lawn. Luckily, the father spotted the nest of little baby bunnies ahead of time.

#7. Saga’s Sword

We already reported about this one but it certainly bears repeating. Little Saga Vanecek found the 1,500-year-old pre-Viking era sword in a Swedish lake. Moreover, it is believed to be the first of its kind to be discovered in Scandinavia.

#8. Definitely Not Aliens

Source: Reddit

Seashells are cool but this one happens to have awesome little squid eggs.

#9. Who Abandoned This Guinea Pig?

Source: Reddit

The original post says that they found the tiny creature in the woods while they were playing disc golf. The guinea pig was certainly lucky since she now has a loving new home.

#10. Look At That Amazing Color!

Source: Reddit

The blue crayfish was reportedly discovered in the mountains of West Virginia.

#11. Cooler Than The Elder Wand

Source: Reddit

Naturally, the little girl who found this branch decided to use it as a wand.

#12. The Perfectly Round Pebble

Source: Reddit

This is wonderfully satisfying.

#13. The Neglected BBQ That Became A Nest

Source: Reddit

We tend to overlook some of our belongings. However, that doesn’t mean it no longer serves a purpose. A clever bird decided to use the old grill as a nest for its chicks.

#14. That’s A Huge Find!

Source: Reddit

The man found what could be the largest quartz in existence. It is reportedly valued at $4 million.

#15. But Does It Still Work?

Source: Reddit

Ever wondered what calculators looked like back in the day? This one was found in an attic and reportedly belonged to the original poster’s grandmother. It even comes with some instructions!

#16. It Looks Like A Crystal Leaf

Source: Reddit

We don’t know why this leaf is transparent. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome discovery.

#17. The Missing Boot

Source: Reddit

Remember that film Wild where Reese Witherspoon’s character dropped her boot in a deep slope? Someone actually found the shoe while they were hiking.

#18. The Rock Inside The Rock

Source: Reddit

It’s crazy how nature does things like that.

#19. If You Thought Four Leaf Clovers Were Lucky, Get A Load Of This

Source: Reddit

There are seven leaves right there. Perhaps it’s time to try your luck with the lottery.

#20. What Is That?

Source: Reddit

This device was found in an 1800’s era house. Although it looks like it might have been used for torture, it actually had a cool purpose. It is an eggshell cutter used for removing the tops off soft-boiled eggs.

#21. They Probably Don’t Work Anymore

Source: Reddit

The original post reads, “These condoms are around 60 years old (found in my basement).”

#22. The Modern-Day Fossil

Source: Imgur

The phone was probably dropped while the road was being paved. We are wondering if it still has some battery left in it.

#23. The Rock With The Star

Source: Reddit

That’s just amazing. We’re definitely looking for more rocks when we head for the beach.

#24. Is That The Soul Stone?

Source: Reddit

The drop of pine sap was found on a pallet and appears to have hardened. Just a little more heat might actually turn it into amber.

#25. The Pretty Pink Grasshopper

Source: Reddit

Now here’s something completely unexpected. It isn’t a new breed but possibly a meadow grasshopper with leucism, a condition where some pigments are absent.

#26. The Really Old Dollar

Source: Reddit

This dollar is said to be 94-years-old!

#27. Another Perfectly Round Rock

Source: Reddit

We need to know which beaches these people frequently go to so we could find these satisfying rocks.

#28. Can You Imagine The Size Of The Oyster?

Source: Palawan News

A fisherman found the huge pearl and kept it as a lucky charm. However, the giant has been found to weigh 34kgs and is worth $100 million.

#29. The Vandalized Coin

Source: Reddit

Somebody actually carved a quarter so it looks like George Washington is smoking. Unfortunately, they also lost it and it was found by other lucky people.

#30. That’s Just Spooky

Source: Reddit

This isn’t exactly what you would want to find while digging around in your backyard. Although it looks scary, it’s possible that the skull belongs to a beloved pet cat that had passed away.

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