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The 8 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid At Work

Finding it hard to be happy at the office? Maybe it's because you have been associating so much with these types of people.

The office is a cesspit for different types of personalities that you have to work with. It’s also the place where you spend the most time apart from your home. It can actually be a stressful environment if you do not know how to deal with the different type of people you encounter.

The trick to keeping your cool and staying happy? Avoid people. Not everyone, mind you! Just the ones that are toxic and negative that they suck the happy thoughts out of you. Here’s the list of coworkers you have to stay away from if you want to remain happy at work:

The Bully

These are coworkers who humiliate and abuse others in order to get the results they want. To avoid being bullied, let your colleague know in a diplomatic manner that you are not keen on his behavior and would like to be treated fairly.

The one who throws tantrums often

These people like to throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want or when something is going wrong at the office. They throw their tantrums at anyone who’s in their way instead of calmly dealing with their emotions. To prevent this from happening, speak to them in a calm manner. Be the voice of reason if need be.

The Stubborn Colleague

Source: SMH website

There is always one person in the office who wants his plans to be implemented, otherwise there will be hell to pay. To solve this situation, employ a gentle manner when dealing with them. Offer options to them which might steer them away from their way.

The Demanding Superior

In any company, there is a demanding boss who believes that all the tasks are easy and should be done by his subordinates. This is a typical behavior of managers and they set high expectations from their employees. To deal with this kind of situation, talk to your boss and manage his expectations. Be straightfroward without being cocky.

The Passive-Aggressive

These people avoid confrontation at all costs and are such poor communicators, you don’t really know what is going through their mind. How do you remedy this situation? Find ways to get them to communicate with you. Sometimes email is better for them rather than a face to face meeting.

The Moody Person

One day she’s all cheerful and happy, then she’s suddenly snarky come the afternoon. They tend to make hasty decisions based on how they feel at the moment. To solve this, be the calm person in the room and refrain from overreacting to her outbursts.

The Micromanager

Don’t you just hate it when your boss is watching your every move because he can’t trust you to do things right? Constantly update your manager or peers so they know project status.

The one who lies

These people tend to manipulate the people at the company in order to serve their needs. You simply just can’t trust a liar. To prevent a coworker from lying, ask them to elaborate on project details. It will be harder to fabricate lies if you ask probing questions.

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