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Toddler Saves Dad’s Life After Accidentally Calling 911

When the officer arrived, he spotted an unconscious man on the floor.

  • A father from Florida fell on the floor while having a medical episode.
  • Fortunately for him, his toddler son accidentally dialed 911.
  • An officer from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office arrived soon and quickly administered first aid before he was taken to a local hospital.

This is the amazing moment when a toddler ended up becoming an unlikely hero after he accidentally called 911 during an emergency. According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, they received a hang-up call Tuesday morning from an apartment complex in Spring Hill.

While Deputy Nathan Kent described such calls as “very common,” he still went ahead to check the area anyway.

Upon arrival, Deputy Kent spotted a toddler without clothes walking in the parking lot by himself.

In an interview, Kent shared:

“Having a kid myself, I was more concerned, ‘Hey, why is there an unsupervised kid?’ And that’s when I started looking around, and I saw the apartment complex door open with a bunch of kid toys.”

A press release issued by the office tells us that the child “walked with Deputy Kent to the apartment where the deputy announced his presence but did not receive a response.” He later spotted an unconscious man lying on the floor “not breathing and without a pulse.”

The deputy wasted no time. He began doing chest compressions and the man soon started breathing again. The father was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and staff members later shared that he “was having a medical episode but would make a full recovery,” the release added.

Fortunately, the little boy messed around with the phone.

“The phone number, we looked later on, you could see that [the child] tried typing the password and it had 30 attempts that was the wrong password,” Kent pointed out. “It was probably accidental that he hit the button.”

Now Kent is hoping the incident would serve as a reminder and lesson for parents.

The deputy explained:

“My biggest thing is teaching your kids what to do in times like this, saying, ’Hey, if something happens, go to a neighbor, get my phone, call somebody.’ Try to have some kind of setup just like a fire drill.”

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