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The Mystical Gangkhar Puensum: The Forbidden Mountain Of Himalayas

Would you dare conquer the world's highest unclimbed mountain?

There are very few frontiers in this world that man has yet to conquer. With advanced technology and the progress of human civilization, it would seem like we have explored every corner of the planet.

Despite the success that we have accomplished in exploring the deep recesses of our world, there are places that are kept untouched and left unconquered by man. One of those uncharted places is the mystical Gangkhar Puensum.

Many of the world’s highest mountains were conquered as early as 1975.

It is quite mysterious that up until now, no one has been able to scale the summit of this Bhutan peak.

Gangkhar Puensum has an elevation of 24, 836 feet.

It is by far the highest untouched mountain in the world.

It is located in the border of Bhutan and Tibet, China. It is a place of bitter cold, jagged peaks, and unforgiving winds.

From the start, Gangkhar Puensum has always been a puzzle.

Source: Flickr / Flex A. Retkar

When its height was first measured in 1922, the maps were all inaccurate. Different maps show different locations. Several expeditions failed in locating the mountain, much more climb it.

Another issue is the dispute about which country the mountain belongs to.

Bhutan claims its entirety while China insists their border runs on its northern part.

Source: Charismatic Planet
Why did people stop climbing Gangkhar Puensum?

Source: Charismatic Planet

Bhutan believes that mountains are the home of their gods and spirits, so they tried hard to preserve the tradition and the spiritual importance of these peaks.

In 1983, they opened the mountain for mountaineering, and four expeditions attempted to reach the summit of Gangkhar Puensum, but all proved unsuccessful. In 1994, pressured by the locals who think the mountains are being desecrated, Bhutan banned the climbing of mountains.

This mystical mountain is indeed a place shrouded in mystery.

Source: Charismatic Planet
It is said to be the place where the Yeti appeared.

Ghostly apparitions, magnetic anomalies, and strange lights have also been reported. For now, the secrets of this mystical mountain will be left unsolved, and Gangkhar Puensum will remain to be one of the last unconquered frontiers in the world.

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