Spiritual Healer In Cuba Performs Surgeries Using A Machete

According to him, he was visited by a spirit 30 years ago and instructed him to heal people with a machete.

  • Jorge Goliat of Havana, Cuba has gone viral for performing surgeries using a machete.
  • According to the spiritual healer, he was visited by a spirit 30 years ago and he was instructed to heal people using a machete.
  • “If they can’t walk, they leave walking,” he said. “If they can’t move, or raise an arm, they can raise it.”

A ‘spiritual healer’ from Havana, Cuba recently gained some attention online after people took notice of his bizarre surgical tool – he uses an actual machete!

Yes, you read that right. Jorge Goliat uses a machete in performing surgeries and now he has been getting a lot of visits from people looking for options to traditional medicine.

According to Jorge Goliat, a spirit visited him 30 years ago and instructed him to heal people using a machete.

Fast forward to the present, he now performs 120 to 150 surgical operations on a daily basis – and he doesn’t use anaesthesia at all.

On top of that, he’s telling people to drink at least half a bottle of run every week or smell camphor “from time to time” to avoid getting infected with Covid-19.

In a media interview, Goliat said:

“If they can’t walk, they leave walking. If they can’t move, or raise an arm, they can raise it. I don’t leave anybody helpless because life is hard, this country is a hard country, we can’t save ourselves from Covid. I would never leave anyone to die, or let a child die simply because of Covid.”

Patients with different medical concerns are continually seeking help from the spiritual healer.

Case in point, a Panamian couple with fertility issues has been left frustrated after years of trying conventional medicine. They immediately started to conceive after consulting with Goliat.

Another patient named Leonides Lara shared:

“At first one feels a bit incredulous, but when you arrive and you see what science has told you practically coincides with what this person tells you then he really gains credibility.”

Although cops previously investigated his clinic, Goliat believes he has nothing to fear.

“Let the police come and check everything they have to check,” he remarked. “The inspectors who come here are right to come here because of the amount of people but I am not doing anything wrong.”

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