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11 of the Riskiest Selfies You Will Ever See

When taking selfies, get out of harm's way.

While there’s nothing wrong about taking selfies, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings before striking a pose. Simply put, your safety should always be a priority. No life is ever worth risking just for a good snapshot to upload on Facebook or Instagram.

As you can already tell from this article’s title, the photos you will see below are some of the poorest examples of how to do selfies. If you’re wise, you wouldn’t want to imitate any of these extreme moments since they can have dangerous – even lethal – consequences.

#1. Railway Selfie.

Source: YouTube

Jared Michael took a selfie along a railway when a speeding train ran past him just several inches away. The train conductor decided to kick him in the head to get him out of harm’s way. Or possibly to remind him how stupid he is? His YouTube video of the incident eventually went viral.

#2. Baseball Selfie.

Source: Instagram

When taking a selfie during batting practice, make sure not to turn your back around. Take it from reporter Kelly Nash who almost got hit in the head by a ball.

#3. Dubai Selfie.

Source: Instagram

Known on Instagram as Mustang Wanted, this guy regularly posts photos and videos from top of buildings without wearing any safety gear – such as in this image taken in Dubai. It’s a wonder he’s still alive.

#4. Bridge Selfie.

Source: Instagram

This guy is following the dangerous footsteps of Mustang Wanted. His name is Nikita Agapov and he’s from St. Petersburg, Russia. He illegally climbs bridges and buildings, for a hobby, too.

#5. Plane Crash Selfie.

Ferdinand Puentes was using a GoPro camera when his small plane crashed into the ocean. He decided to continue filming, turned the device around and managed to capture the sinking plane in his background.

#6. On-the-Road Selfie.

Source: YouTube

In Florida, Alex Lopatnyuk was excited to hunt and try out his new GoPro camera. Unfortunately, he failed to pay attention to the road ahead and crushed into the truck in front of him. The accident shattered his windshield. He later posted the video on YouTube.

#7. Bull Selfie.

When a bull rampages, you rn for your life. Unless, of course, you are this guy.

#8. Bear Selfie.

Source: Instagram

The United States Forest Service has repeatedly warned the public against taking “bear selfies.” Still, more pictures such as this one continues to pop up online.

#9. Volcano Selfie.

Can anything be more extreme? This is George Kourounis taking a photo about 1,200 feet below an active volcano crater.

#10. Car Selfie.

These two girls took a selfie while the driver (the one on the right) took her hands off the steering wheel. They later ended in a hospital after the vehicle crashed.

#11. Motorcycle Selfie.

Source: Instagram

Reggaeton musician Jadiel took a selfie while riding his motorcycle. He eventually lost control and died as the bike crashed.

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