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30 Powerful Anti-Smoking Ads That Show Us Its Terrible Effects

According to WHO, tobacco “kills up to half of its users.”

We all know that smoking can be lethal – not only for smokers but for those around them. Unfortunately, convincing people to quit the habit can be really difficult.

In a report shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on their website, we learn that tobacco actually “kills up to half of its users.” They also pointed out that about 6 million people die each year because of smoking.

“More than 5 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use,” the organization added “while more than 600 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.”

Yes, the statistics are that staggering!

Fortunately, WHO isn’t alone in helping spread the warning against smoking. As you will see in the ads below, various groups are doing their part to convince smokers to drop the stick.

Check out the photos and see for yourself:

#1. Meanwhile, in a designated smoking area…

Source: ineverest
#2. This is what tobacco does to your teeth.

Source: logoaday
#3. For more information on lung cancer…

Source: tbwa
#4. Smoking isn’t just suicide. It’s murder.

Source: adeevee
#5. Smoking causes premature aging.

Source: havas
#6. Smokers make poor swimmers.

Source: flickr
#7. So when did you start smoking?

#8. The smoker’s lung.

#9. Downloading…

#10. Smoking kills indeed.

#11. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Source: ogilvy
#12. Cigarettes smoke people

#13. You smoke, your child smokes.

Source: behance
#14. What we see when you smoke.

Source: jwt
#15. The deathbed.

#16. Good analogy on this one.

#17. Philip Morris vs Philip

Source: adeevee
#18. Don’t pass it to your baby.

Source: adeevee
#19. Smoking reduces weight.

Source: touchstone
#20. Portable gas chamber

Source: behance
#21. Smoker and passive smoker

Source: behance
#22. Just like mommy.

Source: behance
#23. Choking your children’s future.

Source: behance
#24. A tip from a former smoker.

Source: tyronefoto
#25. In Italy, smoking 10x more people that road accidents.

#26. Non-smoking area

Source: tbwa
#27. Smoking isn’t as glamorous as you think.

#28. Leading you to your death, one stick at a time.

Source: behance
#29. Game over!

Source: behance
#30. Smoking is being a slave to tobacco.

Source: icibarbes

Go share this post with friends who smoke and they just might realize the importance of quitting the habit.

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