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These Pictures Will Definitely Make You Appreciate your Dad Even More

Parenting is never an easy job. Aside form the fact that it requires a lot of qualifications just to be good at it. Needless to say, there's nothing more exciting than being one.

Nothing beats having a new member in the family. While majority of bachelors fully embrace their last moments of singlehood, there is still a bunch out there who would do anything just to build their own family. These are the men who would willingly lay down their cards and look beyond just late night outs and a series of random dates. In short, they are the ones who are ready to kiss dating goodbye and say hello to the world of forever – and by forever we mean commitment to fatherhood.

While fatherhood is a totally new level of commitment and responsibility, men who have become fathers confessed that fatherhood brought out nothing but good changes. Sure, these changes required sacrifices and changes in priorities, but the transition period equated to absolute happiness and contentment. Thankfully, there is a collection of photos depicting the most priceless and memorable milestones of fathers with their precious ones. As it turns out, fatherhood does not really steal one’s masculinity. Fatherhood is everything. And while it’s usually the moms who get the gold medal for good parenting, dads prove that they too, can bring home the bacon!

Fathers get excited too, the moment they look at their newborns.

In the absence of the mother, dads are always the best relievers!

Fathers would do everything for their children, including a VIP pass to an acoustic concert.

Yeah, sorry kids, dads enjoy your company this much to do these crazy things with you. Haha!

No matter how tough they may look in the outside, there will always be a soft spot inside.

Dads will always be willing to carry the burden of embarassment if it means playing with you.

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