Mobile Phone Bursts Into Flames Inside Man’s Bag In China

This is the shocking moment when a phone suddenly exploded and started to catch fire.

  • A guy walking on the streets of China was shocked and surprised when the phone inside his bag suddenly exploded and caught fire.
  • The man experienced minor burns in his arm, hair, and eyelashes because of the incident.
  • Apparently, the man owned a Samsung mobile phone which he has been using since 2016 and the device already had battery issues.

A viral video from China shows us the exact moment when a man’s bag eventually caught fire. The culprit? Apparently, the mobile phone in his bag burst into flames.

The short footage was shared online by the South China Morning Post and we see the man walking on a street. Much to his surprise, he heard an explosion from his bag and it immediately started to catch fire.

He instinctively threw his bag on the ground and moved away from it. As a result of the incident, the man’s arm, hair, and eyelashes have been slightly burned.

According to reports, the man owned a Samsung mobile phone which he bought back in 2016. He likewise mentioned that the device had battery issues but was not being charged when it suddenly exploded.

You can watch the viral video here:

Of course, numerous netizens shared the video and reacted. It also opened a discussion regarding mobile phone safety.

As one user pointed out:

“Excess radiation of signal in search of tower when kept deep inside the bag leads to heat up the device, resulting in fire, may be some inflammable thing like sanitizers kept in his bag.”

Another commenter said:

“That phone seems like 6 years old. No wonder it exploded. He must’ve been using a bulged battery phone or would’ve kept it with powerbank. Samsung resolved their exploding phone issues after Galaxy Note 7 exploding issues in 2017. This phone seems even older than that.”

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