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MH370 Mystery Solved? Washed Up Plane Parts and Passenger Items Finally Showing Up.

It has been more than two years since the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 bound for China went missing. It was March 8, 2014 when the Boeing 777 aircraft vanished without a trace along with its 227 passengers and 12 in-flight crew. After all this time, the relatives of the MH370 passengers haven’t gotten any closure yet. Various speculations have arisen from conspiracy theories, terrorist takeover, alien abductions and whatnot. After the intensive search and rescue operations made by the joint efforts of various nations, nothing concrete turned up. Search operations went as far as the areas near Perth, Australia but yielded unfruitful results. Years later, washed up airplane parts are rekindling the MH370 case anew. Could these artifacts tell the untold story of the world’s most mysterious airplane crash?

Just a bit of a refresher on the MH370 flight path and the areas searched so far…

A map showing the original intended flight path, the re-route and the initial search areas for MH370

Search for MH370 went as far as the tip of Australia in the waters around Perth

Source: ABC News

If the previous searches yielded little, could it be that everybody is just searching up the wrong area? That seems to be the actual explanation, as the most recent artifact finds are washing up off tangents in areas overlooked before. The tiny islands in the Indian and Southern Oceans seem to hold the clues.

Map showing the areas where artifacts had been found, and the possible area where MH370 likely submerged

Source: Elite Readers

1-Nosy Boraha and Riake Beach, Madagascar 2-Reunion Island 3-Rodrigues Island, Mauritius 4- Coast of Mozambique 5-Mossel Bay, South Africa

And now, see the compiled photos of the airplane parts and other artifacts believed to be from the ill-fated MH370. The last set of pictures perhaps is the most haunting.

1. Boeing 777 Flaperon found on Reunion Island, July 2015

Source: IBTImes UK
2. Flap track fairing with unique Boeing stencil 676EB found by South African teenager in the banks of Mossel Bay

3. Boeing 777 tail segment "Horizontal Stabilizer" found on Rodrigues Island, February 2016

Source: IBTimes UK
4. Cabin door segment found by a couple on Reunion Island on May 30, 2016

5. Blaine Gibson, American independent investigator finding two more possible parts of the MH370 aircraft earlier in June 2016 at Nosy Boraha, Madagascar

Aside from bits and pieces possibly from the aircraft, some artifacts totaling around a hundred items have been found by Gibson all throughout Nosy Boraha. Some have been bags, shoe sole, laptop case with MENSA inscription, Muslim praying cap, among others. The items are to be turned over to the Malaysian government as possible passenger artifacts. The photos are posted in hopes that the passenger’s relatives could identify some of them. Below are some of the photos that we are able to obtain.

Some of the bags still recognizable found by Gibson on Nosy Boraha and Riake Beach

A size 13 sole of a man's footwear

Black laptop case with MENSA inscription. Mensa is an organization for very smart people.

An Angry Birds bag found June 2016 at Nosy Boraha Beach.

It is difficult to find more evidence since the surrounding waters in the area is quite deep and vast. But we should not lose hope that the day will come and the mystery of the MH370 shall indeed be solved. As these chilling new evidence spring forth, we hope fervently that with the joint efforts of the Australian, Chinese, American and Malaysian investigation teams become fruitful. May the families and loved ones left by the victims find closure, and may the victims of the crash find peace as well.

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