Woman Takes Selfie With Black Bear After It Sneaked Up On Her

Because pics or it didn't happen, right?

  • Three hikers in Mexico were visited by a black bear.
  • The huge animal approached them and fortunately, the women stayed calm.
  • One of them even took a quick selfie to capture the unforgettable moment on camera.

Encountering a black bear in person can be pretty scary. These magnificent creatures can be dangerous and you clearly don’t want to mess with them.

One young woman from Mexico, however, not only had the guts to stay calm in the presence of one – she also managed to take a snapshot with the animal. And now her epic selfie has since gone viral on social media!

How would you react if this happened to you?

As can be seen in the two Twitter videos below, a group of women went out for a hike at San Pedro Garza Garcia’s Chipinque Ecological Park. While there, they unexpectedly stumbled upon a black bear – who, much to their terror, slowly approached them.

The bear began sniffing the hair of one of the ladies…
Instead of panicking, she took a selfie with the massive animal. You know, to take a remembrance of the moment!

Fortunately, the ladies all came out of the place unharmed as the bear eventually left them alone and went its way.

Watch the video here to see how it all happened:
Meanwhile, here’s the second video taken from another angle:

Netizens had mixed reactions to the video with some praising the women for her bravery. Others also pointed out that what she did was actually risky.

Officials from Nuevo Leon later issued a statement, reminding people about what to do in case they also encounter a black bear while hiking.

We read:

“Stay calm, never come between a baby and its mother, don’t feed them, take shelter when watching them, avoid photographing and taking selfies with them.”

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