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The Most Unique McDonald’s Stores All Over the World

You'd be surprised at how the Golden Arches fit perfectly into medieval style buildings and modern architecture!

With over 36,000 locations all over the globe, it’s safe to say that McDonald’s is easily one of the most recognizable buildings you’ll find. While they don’t have a “standard” look to their buildings and interiors, you can be sure that you’ll find the Golden Arches, their latest celebrity endorser, and whatever branding material they’re using at the time.

But even though these are common themes in each McDonald’s venue, you might be surprised that they still manage to fit perfectly into these stores that, at first glance, you wouldn’t think housed a McDonald’s inside!

1. Bray, Ireland

If da Vinci, Elizabeth I, and Shakespeare were looking to chow down on some nuggets, this is what their Mickey D’s would look like. Yes, even their interiors are reminiscent of rustic Irish pubs!

2. Kristiansand, Norway

Source: Twitter/McDonald's

Even though most Scandinavian architecture are sleek and minimalist, they decided to go with some intricate moulding for this McDonald’s.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Source: Trip Advisor

While this building used to be a train station, McDonald’s decided to house one of their stores within to give guests that old world feel with some new world food!

4. Madrid, Spain


Source: Barrios de Madrid

Possibly the most lavish McDonald’s store out there, this one in Madrid even has marble walls, chandeliers, and real potato wedges instead of fries!

5. Lanarca, Cyprus

Source: Foursquare

Source: Twitter/McDonald's

Who says McDonald’s can’t be a tropical paradise?! This store in Lanarca gives you a glorious beach-side view.

6. Negev Desert, Israel

Source: Eastern Tracks

Source: Chalky Lives/Flickr

Yes, there’s a McDonald’s in the middle of the desert. We’re sure their refreshing drinks and sundaes will taste ten times more delicious!

7. Sedona, Arizona, USA

Source: Yelp/Lisa D.

Their logo is a pair of cool blue arches amid a bright adobe building. It’s jarring, bold, and undeniably iconic.

8. Dallas, Texas

Source: Richard Alexander/Flickr

Source: Richard Alexander/Flickr

Never drive through this McDonald’s when you’re with kids because they’ll be begging you to take them to this giant Happy Meal box!

9. Batumi, Georgia

Source: McDonald's

Then there’s this architecture marvel made of 460 glass panels! If you’re a McDonald’s enthusiast, you simply have to pay this store a visit!

10. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Source: Wikimedia Commons/United States Navy

Source: IBTimes UK

If you need proof of how widespread McDonald’s is, even Guantanamo Bay has one! This sole McDonald’s store in Cuba is only accessible to the bay’s personnel, though.

Just because McDonald’s is cheap and easily accessible, doesn’t mean they don’t go out of their way to ensure their guests have a lavish experience alongside their Big Mac and McFlurry.

What’s the most iconic McDonald’s store in your hometown? Share them with us below!

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