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Man Finds a Mysterious Box While Remodeling His House And Makes Stunning Discovery

Imagine remodeling your home and finding a mysterious box that looks like it hasn't been opened in decades.

Branik12 went back into the basement to see if there was anything else he could find.

Source: Branik12
He wasn’t disappointed…

Source: Branik12
The second box was two times heavier than the first, and he could clearly see cash through the vent.

Source: Branik12
He waited for his wife to come home before opening the box…

Source: Branik12
And as expected, he found the second box filled to the brim with cash!

Source: Branik12
It looks like a scene from a gangster movie where the leading characters start rolling around in $45kcash.

Source: Branik12

Now for the technicalities, Branik12 consulted a lawyer to prove that the cash was indeed theirs. They also had the bills appraised with about 10 of them turning out to be worth 4 times its face value. They decided to put the money towards their mortgage.

As a final statement on the subject, Branik12 says, “We are generally good people. We try to help other when we can. General acts of kindness go a long ways. I however don’t believe in karma.”

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