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Instagram Influencer Goes Bald During Livestream Hair Bleach Tutorial

Sometimes, you just gotta leave it to the professionals.

  • Instagram influencer, Lori Faith, learned that hair bleaching should be left to the professionals the hard way.
  • During a livestream DIY hair bleaching tutorial in front of her 55K followers, Lori Faith lost her hair.
  • She never imagined going for the bald look, let alone going bald by a mishap in front of thousands of viewers, but the support she got from her followers made her feel better.

What seemed to be a normal video blogging day for Lori Faith, turned out to be probably the worst one yet for her. She went bald in front of her average 55K followers on Instagram while livestreaming bleaching her hair.

Faith loves styling her hair differently and since we all know how pricey it could be to have your hair done by a professional, some people (mostly women) try their luck doing it on their own. In one of her normal hairstyling activities, Faith decided to share it with her followers. Little did she know that an unwanted event would take place.

The Instagram vlogger filmed herself while bleaching her hair blue, she then applied the hair relaxer immediately after the bleaching. While combing it, Faith gasped as she realized that her hair is falling out. She ran to the bathroom to try and salvage what was left of it, but it was too late. She’s gone bald.

Her friend shared her video on Twitter with the caption:

Lmfaoooooo so my friend was bleaching her hair on live and this happened

This post got more than five million views on top of the increasing number of hits Faith’s original post is getting. Lori Faith also posted a video on YouTube titled, “my hair fell out… and now im bald,” explaining what has just happened on her Instagram live feed. She started her video explanation by saying goodbye to her previous hairstyles over the past years.

The video also showed how Faith learned that what she did was “stupid and impulsive.” It was because she immediately tried to relax her hair right after bleaching it without letting the hair rest for a few days, which was what she should have done.

I’m f—— bald,” she said. “You heard it. I said it. I’m bald…

I never thought I would go this far. I thought I would just have a really really short haircut with color. I feel like this was a good mistake because now my hair can grow naturally.

Lori Faith mentioned that her mother, who did a quick appearance on her video, was bald since the age of 11. And she believes that there’s nothing wrong with it. She wishes that this accident that happened to her will be a warning to other girls who try to do their hair on their own.

It’s not a bad thing ’cause there’s a lot of people that are bald, not by choice. Don’t put a relaxer in bleached hair, don’t even put relaxer at all unless you’re professional, because this is what you will look like.

Although people on social media took this mishap as a laughing stock, there were still many people who gave Faith good, positive and uplifting comments.

Some of them told her to embrace her “true beauty,” others try to calm her by assuring her that the hair will go back and that she should just enjoy her new look, while some others have given their two cents on how these chemicals should only be handled by professionals because they are too strong and extremely harmful, thus resulting to what happened.

Now, Lori Faith just rocks her new do as it is or, sometimes, pumps it up by wearing a hot pink wig.

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