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Amazing Woman Recreates Classic Paintings Using Her Phone And Some Household Objects

The facial expressions are so spot on!

  • Liza Yukhnyova of Saint Petersurg, Russia has been recreating classic paintings using her smartphone, some household objects, and her creativity.
  • Her recreations have gained lots of love on social media as many netizens have praised her accuracy and attention to detail.

A Russian woman has been making waves on social media for her amazing ability to recreate classic paintings. One glance at her photos and you’ll easily see why she has quickly gained fame, especially among art enthusiasts.

Liza Yukhnyova, who hails from Saint Petersburg, is an art lover who paintsakingly tries to recapture the magic of great pieces. It’s pretty obvious she has given much attention not only to the props and costume designs but even the mood and facial expressions.

In a Bored Panda feature, Liza wrote that her goal is actually to “encourage everyone to look at the paintings in detail.”

She likewise shared:

“I do everything on my own: makeup, costumes, lighting with a table lamp, and shooting just with my phone’s camera, using very simple things which surround me at home.”

And yes, we’re so glad we stumbled upon her account. Her creativity impresses us and while the recreations may not be 100% spot on all the time (try to spot the adorable bear plushie below), we see she’s doing her very best to give all these classic paintings a realistic rendition through her photographs.

Here are 53 of her awesome painting recreations:

#1. Ilya Repin “Princess Sofia Alekseyevna” (1879)
#2. John Collier “Priestess Of Delphi” (1891)
#3. Remzi Taşkıran “Portrait Of A Girl” (1961)

#4. Tamara De Lempicka “Pink Tunic” (1927)

#5. John William Waterhouse “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May” (1908)
#6. René Gruau “Illustration For Dior” (~1950)
#7. Caravaggio “Judith Beheading Holofernes” (1599)
#8. Tito Conti “An Italian Beauty” (~1880)
#9. Konstantin Makovsky “Portrait Of Countess Yusupova In The Russian Costume” (1900)
#10. John Everett Millais “Sophie Gray” (1857)
#11. Abram Arhipov “Woman In A Green Dress” (~1900)
#12. John William Godward “His Birthday Gift” (1889)
#13. Theodoros Rallis “Odalisque” (~1900)
#14. Giovanni Boldini “Portrait Of Lina Cavalieri” (1901)
#15. Khariton Platonovich Platonov “Portrait Of A Woman” (1903)
#16. Vladimir Makovsky “Tete-A-Tete” (1909)
#17. Frederick Arthur Bridgman “Woman Of Algiers” (~1900)
#18. Hermann Winterhalter “Portrait Of Clémentine De Boubers, Baronne Renouard De Bussierre” (1854)
#19. Paul Cesar Helleu “Portrait Of Lady With A Fan” (~1900)
#20. Jean-Francois Portaels “The Necklace” (~1850)
#21. Leonardo Da Vinci “La Belle Ferronnière” (1490)
#22. Jean-Marc Nattier “Madame Victoire De France” (1748)
#23. Karl Bryullov “The Last Day Of Pompeii” (1830-33)
#24. Tiziano Vecelli “Woman With A Mirror” (~1515)
#25. Bartolome Esteban Murillo “Two Women At A Window” (1655-60)
#26. Vasily Ivanovich Surikov “Portrait Of NF Matveeva” (1909)
#27. William Etty “The Seamstress” (~1820)
#28. Giorgione “Judith” (1504)
#29. Frederick Leighton “Nausicaa” (1878)
#30. Charles Landelle “Judith” (1870)
#31. Anders Zorn “Frieda Schiff, Later Mrs. Felix M. Warburg” (1894)
#32. Giuseppe Maria Crespi “Woman Looking For Fleas” (~1710)
#33. Henry Inman “Hayne Hujihini, Eagle Of Delight” (1832-33)
#34. Franz Xaver Winterhalter “The Princess Victoria, Princess Royal As Crown Princess Of Prussia” (1867)
#35. John Singer Sargent “Lady Agnew Of Lochnaw” (1892)
#36. Eleanor M. Ross “Edith Cavell” (1917)
#37. Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje “Spanish Beauty” (1880)
#38. Ilya Repin “Leisure” (1882)
#39. Raja Ravi Varma “The Maharani Of Travancore” (1887)
#40. John Collier “Portrait Of A Lady In Oriental Costume” (~ 1900)
#41. Edwin Long “A Votary Of Isis” (1891)
#42. Filipp Malyavin “Peasant With Red Scarf” (1905)
#43. Ivan Argunov “Peasant Woman In Russian Costume” (1784)
#44. Alexey Venetsianov “Girl In A Scarf” (~1820)
#45. Alexander Nikolaevich Samokhvalov “Portrait Of A Woman” (1960s)
#46. Aykut Aydogdu “Next Chapter”
#47. Orest Adamovich Kiprensky “Poor Lisa” (1827)
#48. Charles François Prosper Guérin “Girl Reading A Book” (1906)
#49. Elizabeth Sonrell “Cordelia” (~1901)
#50. Anders Zorn “Burden” (1886)

#51. Ali Nemah “Resident Of Baghdad”
#52. Viktor Vasnetsov “Alenushka” (1881)
#53. Peter Paul Rubens “Rubens’s Daughter Clara Serena” (1623)

If you want to stay updated with Liza Yukhnyova, you can follow her on Instagram via her @muse_liza account. You may also check her out on her official Facebook page.

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