Heartwarming Footage Shows Chimpanzee Reuniting With Caretakers who Saved Him As Baby

“Years may pass, but the love is always there.”

  • Instagram chimp Limbani has once again captured netizens’ hearts following a viral video uploaded on his page.
  • The heartwarming clip shows Limbani being reunited with his caretakers Tania and Jorge Sanchez.
  • Instagram users couldn’t help but get emotional with how happy and excited the animal was to see his human carers again.

Limbani is not your typical chimpanzee. For once, he’s a certified social media celebrity with more than 711,000 followers on Instagram.

Recently, the popular animal has once again attracted some attention online after a heartwarming video was uploaded on his page. In the said clip, Limbani was seen being reunited with Tania and Jorge Sanchez – his caretakers years ago when he was younger.

Before he started living at Miami’s Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF), Limbani was born with pneumonia and the couple took good care of him. “Without human intervention and modern medicine he wouldn’t be here today,” ZWF said in an interview.

Clearly, the chimp has not forgotten his experience with the couple and so he instantly recognized them upon seeing them again.

As ZWF pointed out:

“Tania and Jorge can go without seeing him for a couple months and his reaction is always the same. Limbani by far is the most loved of the entire ZWF family.”

The viral video was taken last March and we see Limbani happily running towards Tania to give her a warm hug. He later turned to Jorge for an embrace as well.

“Years may pass, but the love is always there,” read the Instagram post’ caption.

You can watch the video here:

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The touching video has attracted almost 280,000 views on Instagram and netizens, of course, couldn’t help but express their amazement.

“This melts my heart!” a commenter said.

““I can’t stop watching and I can’t stop crying,” someone also wrote.

According to Limbani’s Instagram profile, ZWF was “created by Mario and Maria Tabraue to educate the public on rare and endangered animals.”

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