82-Ft Amphibious Superyacht Can Crawl Like A Crab Onto The Shore

“It would be the ultimate explorer yacht, with the ability to take you on to land as well as sea.”

  • A unique concept by Italian concept studio Lazzarini shows us a mini superyacht with amphibious capabilities.
  • The Pagurus (which means ‘crab’ in Latin) can cruise on water and even crawl onto the shore.
  • According to Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the initial design was for military use but he later re-conceptualized it with luxury yacht buyers in mind.

The Pagurus is a superyacht like no other. For once, it the capability of crawling onto a shore instead of staying anchored on the beach.

Conceptualized by Italy-based studio Lazzarini, the 82-foot mini-superyacht called Pagurus (which literally means ‘crab’ in Latin) is an impressive catamaran with amphibious features.

As mentioned earlier, this can crawl to the shore – thanks to its four 21-foot-long steel cylinders equipped with helical spiral flanges and powered by 440h hp diesel engines. All you have to do is press the right button and the cylinders will instantly do their job.

In an interview, Pierpaolo Lazzarini shared:

“It would be the ultimate explorer yacht, with the ability to take you on to land as well as sea.”

According to Lazzarini, the earlier concept for the catamaran was actually for military use that he designed a camo-painted one that came with a rooftop canon. He later scrapped the idea and instead made something that would particularly appeal to luxury yacht buyers. He tweaked the design, even adding room for electric vehicles.

“We imagined that it could be stowed on a platform between the hulls and lowered down on winches to the ground. The same platform could be used to hold a couple of electric Tesla Cyberquad ATVs, or snowmobiles,” he added.

Charging your Tesla is also not a problem since the Pagurus has its own solar panels on the decks.

Lazzarini also mentioned that turning the Pagurus concept into an actual superyacht will cost about $30 million.

Watch this video to learn more about the Pagurus:
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