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10 Jobs That Will Pay You To Travel

Traveling can be expensive but that wouldn't be the case if your job actually paid you to travel.

If money wasn’t so much an issue, traveling would be easier for a whole lot of people. While it would be quite an awesome thing to be always on the go, experiencing new places and cultures with family and friends, it would be quite unwise to have an empty bank account.

The good news is that there are several options for you to travel and get paid at the same time for doing so. Ain’t it great? The bad news is that with the many options laid down for you, it’s choosing the job you’d want to try that will make it quite difficult:

1. Au Pair

If you have experience in babysitting or child care, and would like to live abroad, you might want to try out this job. Au Pairs work an average of 25-30 hours a week with a weekly stipend of around $75-120USD. During your free time, you can learn new languages, meet new friends and even explore your new home.

2. Camp Counselor

This again works best if you have experience working with kids. There are a lot of countries that have a large variety of camps to choose from so make sure to work for the one that best suits your skills and interests. Pay also varies depending on the size of the camp, but it can pay on average, an amount of $1,000. The camp takes care of your housing, insurance, and food.

3. English Teacher

Teaching English is a good career to have if you wish to travel frequently. Countries all over the world, even those whose native language is English, are in need of teachers who can speak the said language. Depending on your skills and credentials, you can get paid up to $1,000 a month.

4. Writer for English-language publications

If you’re not fond of speaking in front of large groups of people, maybe you would like to try writing. You just need to have strong editing and writing skills and a passion to learn the culture of foreign countries.

5. Working Holiday Visa

Source: Ann P

If you happen to be between 18-35 years old, have a bit of money saved in the bank and plan to live in another country for the next six months to a year, a working holiday visa could be just for you. The job opportunities are endless! You can be a barista at a café or a fruit picker at the farm. Whatever meets your fancy.

6. WWOOFing or Work Away

WWOOFing or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and Work Away are two essential networks that help you get jobs on farms and camps just about anywhere. The work is varied from gardening to doing household repairs, and you instantly earn free room and board. There are some hosts, however, who pay a small stipend. You can stay with your host from a few days to several months depending on their needs.

7. Bartending

If you happen to love serving drinks, happen to be good with people, and use English as your native language, then bartending is your best bet.

8. Resort Worker


If you have hospitality experience and love the beach as well, working at a resort can be for you. The pay varies depending on your skills level but tips can help increase your wages. Choose resorts that are favorite vacation destinations which Americans go to for starters.

9. Cruise Ship or Yacht Worker

Cruise ship workers are for those who would love to travel and explore a particular country or region in the world. Room and board shouldn’t be a problem, and you even get to save as much as $1,800 USD a month while traveling at the same time!

10. Tour Guide

Source: Lee Nichols

Do you love learning and sharing about different cultures to others? Being a tour guide may be the perfect job for you. Depending on your interests, you may be touring a group in the different museums of France, or the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

There are tons of jobs that allow you to travel and work at the same time. Choose one that best suits your fancy and which will not make you feel like working at all so you don’t get bored.

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